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| ''[[Super Mario and the Sacred Bells]]''
| ''[[Super Mario and the Sacred Bells]]''
| [[Firestyle]]
| [[Firestyle]]
! December
| ''[[Super Mario - Clone Race]]''
| [[Hypernova]]

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Game of the Month is an honor awarded each month to the most deserving game of a respective month, though exceptions have been made for games just barely outside of the month it has been awarded. This is usually a fangame released on the mainsite.

Each month, one game is given special attention as the Game of the Month to increase its traffic and recognition. A brief review is written, usually by the site staff, complete with a screenshot and a banner, and made available on both the main side and forums.

For years, MFGG staff and members had discussed adding a Game of the Month badge, until Supernova designed a badge on March 4, 2012. This badge is unique in that its recipients are chosen by MFGG staff (since 2010, usually VinnyVideo) instead of a community vote, as with competitions or MFGG Awards.

Games of the Month

Month Game title Developer
May Mario vs. the Koopas Castor
June Super Luigi Dreams Hatman
July Super Mario Stardust Avi
August WarioWare Mou$e Works Toodles Team
September JumpGuy MechaBowser
October Super Luigi and the Golden Shrooms Hello
November Super Hammer Bros. Delmore
December Koopa: A Winter's Tale Tech Wing and Peardian
January Mario Bros. VS (Demo) SilentDream
February Goomba vs. Subcon Guinea
March None
April Galaxy Bros. DYH
May-October None
November Luigi's Boo Hunt BlazeHedgehog
December SMB3 Final Boss DX Mecha the Slag
January Metal Gear Mario twinimage
February None
March Psycho Waluigi (demo) Thunder Dragon
April New Mario Bros. (demo) The Game Sage
May Yoshi Tree Ultramario
June Super Mario Bros. Crossover Jay Pavlina
July Hangman of Mario Alba Garcia Clerigues
August Late Night Mario
Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality
September Highway Trouble (demo) Supernova
October Late Night Mario 2 Glukom (never posted)
November None None
December None None
January Super Mario Pix (demo) Maxence
February Super Mario Pearls of Wisdom Firestyle
March None
April Dangery Run from the Angry Sun Puddin
May So You Think You Can Play Tetris? Char
June None
July MFGG 10th Anniversary Time Capsule Thunder Dragon, Kritter, DJ Yoshiman, ShadowMan, Klobber, and Retriever II
August Paper Bowser World 3 Toodles
September What is This Thing? Episode 2 DJ Yoshiman
October Psycho Waluigi Thunder Dragon
November Bowser's Sky Run D-Dazzle
December Revenge of the Walrus VinnyVideo
January Mario's Deadly Flight 2 Supernova
February Toadette's Soup Kitchen (demo) Guinea
March Mario & Luigi vs the Furbies (demo) Supernova
April Mini Game Compil 2 OmegaBowser
May Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Five Pendants Kommandant Dragmire
June Gravity Goomba Elyk
July The Purple Coin (demo) Miles
August Typical Mario Game (demo) Supernova
September Mario vs. Luigi KingMario
November Mario Learns About Colors: Recolored Elyk
December Super Mario Gravity OmegaBowser
January Mushroom Pancakes Supertoad2k
February Super Mario Bros.: The Next Levels DJ Coco
March Mario Cave Escape Techmario
April Anjelo's Province CrazyRiverOtter
May Fun in Space Someguy
June Paper Mario: Great Star Offensive SEVA
July Blocks Jeff
August Wario Land: 30 Golden Bombs Magnemania
September None
October None
November Toadette Strikes (demo) Thunder Dragon
December Late Night Mario 3 Glukom
January Mario Kart - Blazing Wheels DJ Coco
February Super Mario Bros. Odyssey (Chapter 1) smbmaster99
March Luigi and the Quest for Nothing - Enhanced lu9
April Mario vs. the Koopas Remix Castor
May Super Mario RPG: The Starlite Worlds C-Division
June Luigi Land: The Bootleg Invasion Cap'n Coconuts
July Super Mario Country DJ Coco
August Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem Kritter
September Paper Mario 3D Land DJ Coco
October Abducted Toad Friendly Dictator
November Mini Game Compil' 3 OmegaBowser
December Mushroom Kingdom SHOWDOWN! WwwWario
January Toadette Strikes Thunder Dragon
February Super Mario Bros. Dimensions LangtonLion64
March Sonic Hexacide DJ Coco
April Toads vs. Koopas Blutorus
May The Revenge of the Wasp Woman Syaxamaphone
June Mario Kart: Speed Strife DJ Coco
July Super Mario: All-Star Attack (demo) Mikeystar
August Super Mario Flashback (demo) Mors
September The Flooded Tower Q-Nova
October Nyerk nyerk nyerk! Wario
November Bowser in the Horrible Nightmare soopakoopa
December None
January P-Switch Predicament Vitiman
February Toad and the Ancient Keys Dustinvgmaster
March Annalynn Blutorus
April Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls Syaxamaphone
May Super Mario Boom Hypernova
June Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition Blutorus
July Bingo the Multiva (demo) Plom510
August Go! Go! Gooble!! Q-Nova
September Crazy Lakitu DX Friendly Dictator
October Ancient Shroomba Yakibomb
November Super Mario and the Sacred Bells Firestyle
December Super Mario - Clone Race Hypernova