Revenge of the Walrus

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Revenge of the Walrus
Revenge of the Walrus New Logo.png
Developer(s) VinnyVideo
Announce Date April 3, 2010
Release Date December 21, 2011
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker 8.0
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png Revenge of the Walrus was named Game of the Month in December 2011.
A scene from the Forest of Delusion level.

Revenge of the Walrus is a full-length game by VinnyVideo. The game is a platformer based on DeeY's engine, but it fixes some of the engine's glitches and adds numerous new enemies from Super Mario 64, the New Super Mario Bros. series, and other Mario games, as well as other features such as cutscenes and an achievements system. VinnyVideo had also planned to add additional power-ups inspired by New SMB Wii, like the Propeller Hat, but this plan was scrapped. Revenge of the Walrus is the first fangame to use tiles from New SMB Wii.

Revenge of the Walrus builds on VinnyVideo's first major platform games, Marioy 2, Aventura de Luigi, and Mario's Steroid Adventure, and the author hopes that he has improved on his earlier work by making Revenge of the Walrus less of a "Hello clone." In fact, the latest version has eliminated pretty much all of the Hello vestiges.

With over 30 levels, ROTW is a fairly long fangame. The game also includes a fair number of secrets, including collectible red coins in each level, an achievements system, and even a secret boss that can only be accessed during a narrow timeframe.

ROTW was believed to be VinnyVideo's final full-length fangame around the time it was released, but he still plans to help with other projects and submit entries for things like Minigame Competitions. Vinny has also considered making an indie RPG. On 2016, VinnyVideo released Cheerwine Deluxe 3, which was a full-length fangame.

Revenge of the Walrus was parodied in P-Switch Predicament.


Mario has been kidnapped by a group of walruses and transported to a psychiatric prison located in the basement of the walruses' military base. Mario must find a way out of the jail and save the world from doom while uncovering the truth about the myriad sinister plots going on.


An early demo of Revenge of the Walrus first appeared in the Development Center on September 25, 2010, garnering little attention but earning the respect of most of the people who played it. The game was also showcased at NCFC 2010, and even though the submission was quite rushed and glitchy, the game earned better scores than many games that were more polished and better-promoted. VinnyVideo submitted another version at NCFC 2011, but this version was very glitchy because many fundamental changes to the engine hadn't been finished yet. The final version was submitted on December 21, 2011, and earned almost universally positive reviews, although many players were frustrated by a couple of glitches - especially a problem that occasionally forced players to replay completed levels - that slipped through bug-testing.

In December 2015, Vinny uploaded a new version that revamped the save system. Vinny deduced that GM's glitchy built-in save system was responsible for the "can't clear levels" bug. This update also rebalanced certain levels to make the difficulty a bit fairer.



Download Revenge of the Walrus from MFGG's main site

File Size: 24.84MB

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