Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem

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Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem
Developer(s) Kritter
Announce Date Mid 2003
Release Date August 6 2014
Genre Minigame Compilation
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard and mouse
Medium Multimedia Fusion 2
Platform Windows
Status Completed
Not to be confused with Mario Minigame Mayhem.
GotMAward.png Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem was named Game of the Month in August 2014.

Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem is a fangame created by Kritter, which started in Mid 2003 and completed in August 6 2014, after 11 years. The original game starred Mario in a theme park called MFGG Land, in which all the MFGGers had stalls with minigames that Mario could play for coins. It is the first fangame to include a built-in updater.

It originally featured hand-made sprites and graphics, but was later changed to M&L style sprites and backgrounds, which caused Kritter to remove all the MFGG members, and replace them with characters and sprites from the game. Originally, a lot of the minigames were created by the MFGG members as well, but now Kritter makes all the minigames on his own.

Version 1.29 was the final build of the game. This was due to an HDD crash at a point in which the fangame had not been backed up for quite some time. Kritter had stated that it would require far too much work and time to be spent into rebuilding the fangame to its final state, and as such, considered the game to be completed.

Gameplay Mechanics

The Park itself is essentially a hub for minigames

The Overworld

The overworld is a free-roaming world full of NPC characters and Minigame stalls. Each minigame stall is hosted by a character that Mario can talk to. Talking to these characters will bring up a dialogue sequence that explains the game, tells you how many coins the game will cost, and any other necessary rules for the game.

You are given the choice to accept to play the game, thus paying the set coin amount and being taken to the appropriate minigame.

Toadsworth waits by the gate to offer Mario his first 10 coins in order to get his Minigame Career started. He will also top up Mario’s coin amount should he run out of coins entirely, although there are a number of free minigames that will also reward Mario with coins.

Some NPC characters will accidentally drop a bag of coins in a certain area. If Mario talks to these kind of characters, the NPC will tell him where they think they have left the bag at. If Mario finds the NPC's lost bag and returns to the owner, then Mario will receive a few coins as a reward.

In addition to the overworld, there are also three smaller Minigame hubs to visit. These are The Arcade, The Ghost House and the Card Pavilion. Each of these areas has appropriately themed minigames.

Pressing M brings up the map screen which shows your position on the overworld and various places of importance.

The Minigames

The heart and soul of Minigame Mayhem are the minigames themselves. Almost all minigames require coins to play. There are over 65 minigames throughout the theme park, each with its own cost, theme and coin rewards.

Winning minigames usually rewards you with more coins than you paid in order to play it. This is how money is earned in the game. There is always a risk that you will lose coins when playing some minigames, usually the greater the risk, the greater the rewards.

Minigame controls usually involve the arrow keys, the mouse or ctrl and shift buttons on the keyboard. An extensive list of the minigames included in Minigame Mayhem can be found below.

Some games are fan-favourites like Whack-A-Mole, however other games are much more obscure


Almost all minigames offer an achievement. These are small alerts that appear when you have overcome a difficult feat in a minigame. These can range from merely beating a tough minigame, to achieving a certain goal within a minigame such as bouncing on 10 consecutive Bullet Bills.

The game will keep track of your earned achievements and they can be viewed within the game or from the main menu. Current Count: 51

Online High Scores

Some of the minigames within the park offer Online High Scores. These allow players to post their scores online, with their name and score reached.

The game keeps track of the top 10 scores for the selected minigames, and can be checked from within the game or the main menu.


These come in the form of purchasable outfits. As of this moment there are currently 11 outfits in progress or completed. These outfits will change Mario’s appearance in both the overworld and in minigames. Some outfits include Palette Swap Mario, Fire Mario, Wario Mask or Racoon Mario. Outfits are changed in the Dressing Room either from the main menu or from within the game. These can then be used in both the overworld and most minigames.

There are also 60 figurines to collect by purchasing them randomly from a capsule machine. Inserting more coins gives you a higher chance of unlocking a figurine you don't already own.

In addition to these unlockables, there is also be a special minigame unlocked when all other minigames have been played.


The core of Minigame Mayhem is, of course, the minigames, which are all themed as sideshow type games generally, each one having a host who will explain the basic rules and ask you if you want to play.

The full minigame listing is as follows:

  • Air Hockey
  • Ball Recall
  • Bank Heist
  • Battleship Bedlam
  • Block Buster
  • Block Luck
  • Block Stacker
  • Blockteroids
  • Blocktris
  • Boo Blasting
  • Boo's Attic
  • Bullet Bill Barrage
  • Bullet Bill Bounce
  • Bust a Pose
  • Cannon Cash Grab
  • Capsule Machine
  • Card Duel - Bowser
  • Card Duel - Luigi
  • Card Duel - Wario
  • Card Game
  • Cheep Cheep Chaos
  • Coin Catch
  • Conveyer Belt Carnage
  • Crane Game
  • Descent Decision
  • Donut Dash
  • Duel
  • E.Gadd's Coffee
  • Electrifried
  • Fireball Frenzy
  • Fireball Fury
  • Fruit Drop
  • Glurp Grab
  • Goomba
  • Halls of Bowletta
  • Hedge Maze
  • Laser Malarkey
  • Matchmaker
  • Mathemaddicts
  • Memory Match
  • Memory Spin
  • Minecart Madness
  • Minion Marathon
  • Moneybag Shuffle
  • Mushroom Chance
  • Mushroom Roulette
  • Music Match
  • Panel Flip Risk
  • Perilous Plunge
  • Perplexing Pipes
  • Picture Perfect
  • Platform Challenge 1
  • Platform Challenge 2
  • Platform Panic
  • Plinko
  • Pokey Pokin'
  • Popple's Strength Test
  • Present Pop
  • Rock Paper Scissors
  • Rocket Bill
  • Rotating Rope Jump
  • Roulette
  • Shell Shoot
  • Shooting Gallery
  • Skippin' and Trippin'
  • Slots - Numbers
  • Slots - Pictures
  • Spotlight Fright
  • Stacker
  • Target Shooting
  • The Wild Wiggler
  • Thunderstruck
  • Thwomp Stomp
  • Toad's Food Time
  • Treetop Turmoil
  • Tricky Timers
  • Trivia Time
  • Tug of War
  • Veg Out
  • Virus Invaders
  • Walk of Faith
  • Whack a Monty
  • Wiggler
  • Yoshi Shuffle
  • Unlockable Minigame 1
  • Unlockable Minigame 2


Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem received positive reviews. They praised the well-designed minigames and the built-in updater, which can be used to fix the cons. They did criticize though, that there is a few bugs, but all reviews gave it a perfect score of 10 (expect for Syr's review, which gave it a score of 7). The game received the Game of the Month award for August 2014. In the MFGG Awards of 2014, Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem tied with Abducted Toad for the Best Game Overall category.


Kritter was ripping sprites and backgrounds from Bowser's Inside Story for a potential sequel. Given that the first game took over 10 years to make and most of Kritter's time is spent by real-life stuff, seeing the light of day is unlikely, despite ripping a lot of graphics to use in the sequel.

Kritter has since decided to make an indie game around the same concept instead.




Download Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem from MFGG's main site

File Size: 25.22 MB

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