Abducted Toad

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Abducted Toad
Developer(s) Friendly Dictator
Announce Date December 8, 2011
Release Date October 4, 2014
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png Abducted Toad was named Game of the Month in October 2014.

Abducted Toad is an open source fangame by Friendly Dictator. It was a much anticipated game, with hype tracing back to December 2011 in the original forum thread. In 2013, the demo won the MFGG Awards category for Best Setting. The game was finally released on October 2014. The final version of the game has received widespread praise from the MFGG community. In 2015, Friendly Dictator announced the sequel to Abducted Toad, which was simply named as Abducted Toad 2. Development is currently at a halt.


The story begins with Toad, who was abducted by a UFO. Inside the UFO is a Purplian alien named Cappy, who stated that he needs help in Planet Purplius, his homeworld. It was taken over by the evil King Purplius. Cappy inserted himself into the top of Toad's head, which allows him to attack with an electrical aura. The duo went out to stop King Purplius.


The game plays similarly to the Mario platformers, but uses a four-chunk health system instead of power-ups. Cappy gives Toad the ability to create a deadly aura around him, which can attack most enemies and trigger switches. Like in Super Mario Bros. 2, Toad can jump higher when ducking. Throughout the levels, Toad can collect Data Discs, which hold data of various characters in the game. Almost every level ends with a purple sphere (which are used to power-up Cappy's ship) that must be collected in order to complete the level.

When the main game is completed, a mode that is called "Daredevil Mode" will be unlocked. A big black switch will appear on the hub area, which can toggle the mode on or off when triggered. When this mode is active, Toad will have only one piece of health, meaning that he'll be taken out once he comes to contact with any kind of harmful thing. However though, Toad can't earn or lose lives while the mode is active, meaning that he can get taken out for an infinite amount of times without getting a Game Over screen.


There are seven worlds, one of which is a bonus world unlocked after completing World 6. They have five levels each, excluding for world 6, which has four.

World 1

  • Tutorial Area
  • Rainy Cave Area
  • Cloudy Treetop Area
  • Ocean City Area
  • Crumbling Castle Area

World 2

  • Down Under Area
  • Concrete Jungle Area
  • Illusion Manor Area
  • Bubble Volcano Area
  • Windy Tower Area

World 3

  • Glitch Data Area
  • Frozen Factory Area
  • Cloud Waterfall Area
  • Desert Beach Area
  • Forest Fortress Area

World 4

  • Lava Mine Area
  • Dark Woods Area
  • Colossal Summit Area
  • Icy Ship Area
  • Flooded Fort Area

World 5

  • Hot Cold Area
  • Starhigh Islands Area
  • Bomb Lake Area
  • Ghost Galaxy Area
  • Space Station Area

World 6

  • Toad Town
  • Princess Peach's Castle
  • UFO Fleet Area
  • Black Hole Area

World ?

  • Fangames Galaxy Area
  • Virtual Reality Area
  • Purplain Colosseum Area
  • Tower of Trials Area
  • Ancient Airship Area


There is a total of 58 discs. Almost each level has at least one disc, in which each has different data.

  • Goombler
  • Molefish
  • Magiku
  • Eyeballer
  • Thwall
  • Blurp Sub
  • King Purplius's Circle Machine
  • Hurlbot
  • Concrete Generator
  • Drillium
  • Podoboo
  • Bubblestache
  • Drillarry
  • Nhost
  • Giant Nhost
  • Jellouncy
  • Purplized Paratroopa
  • Bithopper
  • Iron Thwall
  • Glitchler
  • Dolpedo
  • Bassquerade
  • Bombullet
  • Thweedle
  • Cloud Machine
  • Glooper
  • Floaturret
  • Purplized Wiggler
  • Giant Podoboo
  • Frenzy
  • Eyebar
  • Hydralrus
  • Thwice
  • Goomblossus
  • Purplized Cheep-Cheep
  • Spooko
  • Demon Contraption
  • Ceiling Bomber
  • Giant Bombullet
  • Scaleton
  • Cannon
  • King Purplius's Space Station
  • Piranha Plant
  • Infected Toad
  • Princess Peach
  • Friendly Dictator
  • Singularity Core
  • Cappy
  • King Purplius
  • The Aubergine
  • Bowser
  • Planet Purplius
  • Mushroom World
  • Mario
  • Toad
  • Singularity Core Guardian
  • Purplius Core
  • Mechashroom


Abducted Toad received positive reviews, most of which gave it a 10/10. They praised the different and creative level design gimmicks and the story, but criticized the fangame for some unfair level and game design. The game earned the Game of the Month award of October 2014. Abducted Toad won Best Setting on the MFGG Awards of 2012, 2013, and 2014. Also, at the MFGG Awards of 2014, it additionally tied for Best Game Overall, Best Level Design and Best Concept, while Abducted Toad itself won Best Secrets.


A sequel to the game, which is simply named as Abducted Toad 2, was announced during 2015. It is currently very early in development. Only two engine tests exist, and Friendly Dictator stated that he hasn't quite found the time or motivation to work on the game. One of these engine tests was showcased during NCFC 2015. He also wants to work on an indie game, called Bird Wizard, leading to clashing interests. All that exists of Bird Wizard so far is concept art. Friendly Dictator has said "AT2 MIGHT get finished eventually". The plot synopsis from the NCFC 2015 booth goes as follows:

" 5 years have passed since Toad and Cappy saved both the Mushroom Kingdom and Planet Purplius from the evil King Purplius, and ushered in a new era of peace between the two worlds. Now, along with Luigi, the Toad Brigade, Toadette, and 3 new purplians named Magenta, Perse, and Lavender, they set out on a scientific expedition into deep space. Unfortunately, things go wrong, and their ship ends up stranded in a distant system. However, they are not alone. They encounter a race of aliens called the Yellonials, who were forced to wander the universe after their home planet was conquered by King Purplius years earlier. Now they want one thing: revenge against the Purplians. They also meet a group called THE PURPLE KNIGHTS. These King Purplius loyalists fled into space after their plan to take over Planet Purplius failed miserably. As bumbling as they seem, they claim to have some sort of secret weapon up their sleeves! Can our heroes overcome these enemies and get back home? Find out in Abducted Toad 2! Coming whenever it's ready. "

— Friendly Dictator, NCFC 2015


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