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Multimedia Fusion 2 (MMF2) is a software creation tool created by Clickteam. It was released on the 30th June 2006 along with The Games Factory 2. A Multimedia Fusion 2 Developer package is also available via the Clickteam Website.

MMF2 is the sequel to the original Multimedia Fusion, and has all of the functions the original has to offer. MMF2 builds on this, however, allowing for more complex applications to be created such as Data Elements. TGF2 is fairly similar to MMF2, but is feature-reduced and intended for new users of the product line. Major new features include layers, rotation and scaling of Active Objects during runtime, alpha channels, debugger, and adjustable framerate. An OR operator for conditions was added in Build 244.

MMF2 can load .cca files. However, while it can load MMF 1.5's extensions, any application using them cannot be run unless equivalent extensions made for MMF2 exist, or the extensions removed.

Multimedia Fusion 2's Icon

So far, four extension packs have been released:

  • Pack 1: Contains converted versions of all three of MMF1.5's bonus pack extensions.
  • Pack 2: Contains all of Cellosoft's extensions (Fastloop, Mode7ex, etc.)
  • Pack 3: Contains all of z33z's extensions (such as ControlX)
  • Pack 4: Contains LIJI's extensions (Easy Detector, 3DActives, Colorizer, etc.)

Other packs such as Sphax's have been unofficially released.

As with Clickteam's earlier products, a 30 day demo is available for free, but after this period a registered version must be purchased. By entering the serial code of previous Clickteam software, users can get a discount code.

Multimedia Fusion 2, along with The Games Factory 2, will eventually be updated with hardware acceleration capabilities for the graphics engine, while retaining the usual software engine. Along with this, they will also be able to use pixel shaders on objects and layers, allowing for more interesting graphical effects.

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