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MFGG Wiki -- you're looking at it -- was launched on April 29, 2006. The goal is to make a compendium of every MFGG-related member, fad, fangame, or other related material in existence. There are 1,699 articles, each of which may or may not be particularly filled with content, accurate, and/or useful.

The current Wiki Sysops are Retriever II, Techokami, Elyk, VinnyVideo, Guinea, and Yoshin. VinnyVideo and Yoshin are the active ones.


MFGG Wiki Mediawiki 1.6.3, software by the organization of the same name. This allows for information to be stored in an orderly and attractive format, with categories, modular templates, and navboxes, while allowing elementary security and recovery such as protection, undo, and rollback.


MFGG Wiki, however, uses an older version of the Wiki software (the newest is at least 1.11) or otherwise lacks a few optimizations that enable useful features. Commands included in newer Mediawiki versions and mods include:

  • If statements (primarily for templates) (requires installation of new PHP code)
  • External links without images beside them (requires modification of Mediawiki: CSS articles)
  • Other stuff that I forgot

As Retriever II has recently upgraded PHP and MySQL, it is perfectly safe to simply delete the wiki folder (except for the images) and install the new version without losing any data, as all articles, templates, etc. are stored in the MySQL database.

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