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MFGG Wiki -- you're looking at it -- was launched on April 29th, 2006. The goal is to make a compendium of every significant MFGG-related fangame, member, fad, and event, and to provide useful tutorials and resources to help MFGGers make fangames. There are 1,791 articles, each of which may or may not be particularly filled with content, accurate, and/or useful.


The MFGG Wiki uses MediaWiki 1.32, software by the organization of the same name. This enables:

  • Information to be stored in an orderly and attractive format, with categories, modular templates, and navboxes
  • Security and recovery features such as protection, undo, and rollback
  • Good search engine optimization (SEO), making it easy for web crawlers - and users - to find content


Historically, MFGG Wiki usually used an older version of the Wiki software that lacked some newer features and optimizations. In March 2019, the Wiki was upgraded to the latest version of MediaWiki, 1.32. It's also the first site on the MFGG server to run under PHP (PHP 7.2.15, to be precise).


As of 2022, the MFGG Wiki is no longer actively maintained. The Wiki is still being hosted because it contains a lot of information that isn't available anywhere else, but no one is actively creating new pages or updating existing pages. Perhaps someday the Wiki will see a revival of interest from the MFGG staff and community, but no guarantees can be made.

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