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The MFGG Awards are an annual event that occurs usually in the first quarter of the year, or in the early years of MFGG, summer months (apart from in 2007 where it was moved to November due to talks of MFGE and the outcome, NCFC). The purpose of them is to 'award' members who have done something outstanding within the last year for whatever reason. Although the awards change slightly from year to year, they range from member awards (like best newbie, most helpful member etc.) to fangame awards (best gameplay, best graphics etc.), to just fairly random awards (Best Fad, Best Dictator, Facial Hair, etc.).

The process usually consists of members being able to vote for someone or something who they think should qualify for an award, nominating them as such. The nominees are then grouped together, and a winner is announced every couple of minutes by a staff member, or the MFGG Awards account.

So far the awards have been officially running from 2004, although awards for various reasons have been given out before hand. The idea first came from Parakarry, who was watching a movie awards show on TV, and was inspired to propose an annual MFGG award thread, where people voted on the best of various facets of MFGG activity. Winners of an MFGG award receive a badge, which is currently a spiky shape with different colors according to what year they won it in. Nominees don't receive a badge, although again it has been suggested that they do, however, it is unlikely that it will ever happen.

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