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Parakarry is ShadowMan's brother and a former member of the Site Staff of Mario Fan Games Galaxy. He has not posted since around Christmas of 2009, up until February 15th, 2015, in which he has started to post again, especially in the General Chat.

Due to a moderate obsessive-compulsive disorder, Parakarry was infamous for his problems socializing with other members, particularly in the areas of forum changes and plot / feature spoilers for video games. He was known to hold grudges against certain members for irrationally long durations, although his leaving MFGG may have alleviated this.

Despite his social problems, Parakarry was an excellent contributer to the main site, working to fix broken links, improve submission thumbnails, and establish quality control, as well as his many reviews.

Talents, hobbies, etc.

Parakarry is an accomplished voice actor, particularly renowned for acting Mario, and was fond of writing reviews.

He liked to set up game tournaments in the Wifi board, in particular, for Pokémon and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.

Member history


I can't remember the times this stuff happened. And I don't mean to slander PK, but his existing forum history has pretty much nothing in it. -Fibriel 03:31, 19 January 2011 (UTC)

When Draco won an Item-themed sprite competition, Parakarry became angry for some reason.

When Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door was announced, Parakarry became very incensed, claiming that the subtitle "The Thousand Year Door" was a game spoiler. This violent reaction was ill-accepted by everyone on the forums, even his brother ShadowMan, and it was pointed out that said Thousand Year Door is encountered within the first ten minutes to half an hour of gameplay (that is also a spoiler.)

On 2015, Parakarry had started the first Super Mario Maker Level Contest. He also participated at it, and managed to place in the top five. On the Developer Discussion, Parakarry had talked about plans for an RPG game that takes some inspiration from the TV show, Littlest Pet Shop.


Parakarry joined in April 2003, a year after first finding MFGG. He took an interest in the main site and began to contribute, mostly in the form of reviews; there were not many games on the site at this time. Parakarry's wave of reviews contributed much to their popularity and increased review traffic.

When MFGG was shut down and many of the files ended up broken, Parakarry and Willy Goldwater found a cheap and reliable server to work with; Parakarry re-uploaded some missing content, which he had saved onto his computer.

In October 2004, Parakarry became Site Staff, a post he utilized to fix broken links to MFGG submissions, standardize thumbnails, and improve quality control.

Late in December, Parakarry retired from the forums until Februrary 2005, when his attitude improved significantly. He later dropped in November 2006 and returned March 1, 2007.

In August 2007, Parakarry was banned for one day by Joey [why?]. Parakarry refused to return to the forums until Joey was removed as Moderator, and allegedly created a petition to this effect.

Parakarry had temporarily left MFGG after Christmas of 2009. He came back on February 15th, 2015 and posted a lot, especially at the General Chat.

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