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A sprite of Kritter, created by himself
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Aliases: Kritter2069, Kritter3k, Kritter5k, Kritter5x, KrittheRed, Redux
Real name: Daniel Absolom
Interests: Jack of all Trades
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Kritter was a standard member of MFGG who was later promoted to staff and admin for his role in creating and maintaining the forums during their transition from ezBoard, and creating and maintaining an early HTML update MFGG, would later become the basis for the current website design.

Member History


Kritter arrived on MFGG during the Bowser Tech era some time in 2001, at which point he was very new to Mario fangaming and forums in general. He registered on the forums, which at this time were merely a guestbook message centre. He posted a few details about his current project (Luigi Quest), which was met with an enthusiatic response.

He registered when Bowser Tech acquired an actual forum system -- that which later became the ezBoard MFGG Forums -- under the first use of Kritter. Illegal access of his accounts led to several other names, listed under Aliases / Other Names above. Kritter would later prove to be a very active member, participating in most competitions and forum events through the years, though Luigi Quest fell into decline due to the time required to complete it, as the engine became outdated and the levels needed redesigns.

The Great Kyle Flamewar brought about the temporary leave of Thunder Dragon, who chose Kritter as his stand-in due to his role in abating the resulting chaos. Kritter was effectively the second-in-command of MFGG Forums, for a short time.

As a member, Kritter was known for being artistic and creative and generally a nice guy for the most part, with skills in making music, digital art and 3D modelling and often taking the time to create fun forum events such as the first April Fools or frequently running a Hangman topic in the PPP. He was well known for being intelligent and passionate about something he believes in, for better or worse. Kritter rarely backed down from a fight or argument on the forums when he believed it was the right thing to do which ended up getting him a bit of a reputation.


While Kritter was admin, a lot of changes happened to both the site and forum. The site was redesigned to the current format it uses today, as opposed to a single-page database of libs and sheets, and he also helped set up the format for the PHP driven site originally. The forums underwent numerous PHP incarnates, including vBulletin and Invisionboard. Due to disagreements with a previous friend and host of the website, the entire forums graphics were replaced with pornographic material and the forums were taken offline, later to be hosted by others, eventually ending up being hosted by Retriever II.


Kritter eventually resigned from being an admin in late 2004 by deleting his own account. He was busy with the usual college stresses as well as dealing with a number of social and personal issues (complicated love life, the death of his pet cat and so on) at the time and eventually the additional stress of leading the MFGG forums in their current state of user volatility proved too much. He stayed away from the forums until his study was completed in late 2006, eventually returning under the username of Redux, which was eventually revealed to be Kritter. Despite returning, he didn't tend to post as often as he used to.

Moderator and general assistance

In 2009, Kritter was made a moderator for the General Chat and the CCC by Black Squirrel after he asked in Forum 12 who would make a good addition to the moderation staff. His first act was announcing that "troll ratings" (such as "1/10, lrn2trol") will get members banned. Despite the other mods and admins agreeing to the post and the new rule, Kritter was made the target of several members due to him being the one who posted it, and him being the one trying to uphold the new rule. Several members posted troll ratings just to spite Kritter. The harsh tactic worked however as the ratings and troll posts of a similar nature quickly dropped off.

During his time as Moderator, Kritter also assisted with the development of the current forum version, along with other former staff members, taking on the role of temporary admin as well as helping to create new images and settings for the board.

Even with all the controversies he faced as a moderator, Kritter has had the well-being of the board in mind at all times.

Present Day

Kritter is no longer an admin, mod or site staff. Instead, Kritter is a married man and full time stay-at-home father of a small child. He still frequents the board and offers advice or backseat moderation wherever he can! This a joke, for real. Despite being around the website for well over 15 years by this point, he still cares deeply for the website and visits on a daily basis as much as his reduced schedule will allow. Chances are he'll be around until either he or the website dies, whichever comes first!

The Character

Kritter's first character was a simple Goomba with green glowing eyes. Feeling this was a bit of a dull idea, the character was quickly changed into an orange Magikoopa. These days, he's dressed in red with green glasses, an elongated spiked hood, a more upright posture and an ornate staff instead of a magic wand.


  • Kritter is a boss in some classical fangames:
  • Kritter's only fangame project is Mario Land: Minigame Mayhem.
  • Kritter does not allow anyone to touch his staff.
  • Kritter's character design is coincidentally similar to that of the later Puddin, due to the red cloak and optional staff.

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