Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality

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Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date August 8, 2010
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Complete
GotMAward.png Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality was named Game of the Month in August 2010.

Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality is one of Hello's most recent games, being released on August 8, 2010. Other than Super Mario Bros. Game Master, this is Hello's only submission for the year of 2010. It is notable for having more levels than any other game Hello has released.


It's been many years since Bowser made his last attack in the Mushroom Kingdom. Everyone was enjoying the peace. But suddenly, Bowser is up to no good again! He's invading the Mushroom Kingdom, setting up forts, and has a currently unknown plan that can be only foiled by Mario.


Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality is a lot similar to many of Hello's previous games. It's a Mario platformer where you use different suits and defeat enemies in order to complete levels. The styles of the level could range from Grasslands, to Deserts and Ice levels. Even Forts and Airships have made an appearance in this game.

New to this game is the Health Circle. It has four slices and they are colored differently according to your health. Once the Health Bar runs out of pieces, you die. If you have suits, they also count as an extra piece of health.


Most of the MFGGer's who have played this game had at least one positive reaction from it, and the overall reception is generally positive. The current average score is 5.7/10, and the reviewers who reviewed this game so far are VinnyVideo, Lotus Gramarye, and Mr.WeeGeeTard. Vinny said that this game is really enjoyable, but feels so similar to previous Hello games. Lotus Gramarye says that the quality of this game overall is "nice" but complains about this game having sub-par controls. Mr.WeeGeeTard thought that while some of the gameplay, graphics, and music is good, he criticized many things he found in the game, including the fact that it is glitchy and has no ending.


Download Super Mario Bros. Restless Reality from MFGG's main site

File Size: 11.76MB

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