Mario Editor

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Mario Editor
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date May 29, 2016
Release Date June 3, 2016
Genre Platformer / Level Editor
Players 1
Input Standard Keyboard, Gamepad
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Mario Editor is the latest level editor created by Hello so far, and the successor to Super Mario Bros. Game Master. It serves as the celebration of the 10th anniversary of the Hello Mario Engine.


Mario Editor enables users to play, create, and share custom Mario levels. The editor includes an impressive selection of powerups, enemies, items, and other goodies to use in your creations.


Unlike Super Mario Bros. Game Master, the ability to create both world maps, and standalone games does not exist in Mario Editor. However, Mario Editor uses a newer version of the Hello Mario Engine, and includes lots of new features, like the ability to add multiple sections to each level, a more advanced warp system, an improved user interface, a new challenge mode that lets the player play a set amount of random levels with a set number of lives, and more.


Mario Editor received reviews that ranged from positive to negative, on the main site. Praise has been given to the wide array of stuff people can put into their levels, while criticism has been mainly given to the overused graphics and lack of user-friendliness on the level editor. It currently has an average score of 6.8/10 on the main site.



Download Mario Editor from MFGG's main site

File Size: 10.01 MB

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