Yoshi Click and Go

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Yoshi Click and Go
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date May 10, 2007
Genre Minigame/Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6
Platform Windows
Status Finished

Hello created Yoshi Click and Go for Minigame Competition #26 in 2007. This is Hello's only game where Yoshi appears in a starring role. The premise is similar to that of the Nintendo DS game Yoshi Touch & Go; however, instead of touching the screen, players use the mouse to play the game. Clicking Yoshi makes him jump, and clicking anywhere else on the screen will make Yoshi throw an egg in that direction. Yoshi remains in motion at all times (although he stops at walls), and players must use eggs to eliminate the Shy-Guys and Fly-Guys in the way. Players will need quick reflexes to hit the switch blocks that form bridges over gaps and eliminate blockades. Defeating enemies and collecting coins earn points, and at the end of the game players can enter their score. The only music in this game comes from Yoshi's Story, a game seldom referenced in Hello's work.


All three reviews posted for this game gave it a score of 7.0. Players liked the use of Yoshi, who gives the game a different feel from Hello's other games. Many players found the game to be very frustrating, however. Even though there's only one fairly short level, the consensus was that it was very hard, since there are no lives, no continues, and no health system. The few players who actually beat the game were sorely disappointed when they realized that the game lacks an ending; Yoshi simply falls off the edge of the screen at the end of the level. In fact, like in Hello's related game Mario's Run, there isn't even an opening screen; the action begins as soon as the game loads.

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