Hello Winter Mario Games 2009

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Hello Winter Mario Games 2009
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date December 1, 2009
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Complete

Hello Winter Mario Games is a game Hello released near the end of 2009. The game is a remake of two of Hello's 2007 games, Super Luigi Paradise and Mario's Run. The games are identical to the originals except for the following changes:

Super Luigi Paradise

  • Hello Engine 4 replaces Ultramario Engine.
  • All the graphics are now wintry; ice replaces grass
  • Players now have the option of using Luigi or Mario
  • Four challenging new Super Luigi Paradise-style levels
  • New music; Yoshi's Island remixes instead of MP3s of original YI songs
  • Level designs are identical except that all Fire Flowers are now Ice Flowers
  • Hello uses Icegoom sprites for SMW enemies

Mario's Run

  • Winter-themed graphics
  • New music
  • Slightly different controls

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