Present Panic

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Present Panic
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date December 8, 2008
Genre Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Finished

This minigame from Hello was the winning entry in Minigame Competition #42 (cutscenes) in 2008. In Present Panic, players must help Mario push all the presents in each room into a pipe to advance to the next area. Getting all the gifts to the pipe is often a challenge, however, and may require Mario to use blocks or boxes to hold down switches or fill gaps. Some switches also manipulate the direction of conveyor belts used to move some gifts and blocks. Other switches adjust the position of blocks that serve as elevators. Mario can't jump, although there are ladders he can climb. The slippery, icy surfaces only add to the challenge. Pressing R restarts a level, and players have unlimited lives. A remixed version of the snow-world music from Super Mario 64 cycles through in all of the levels. Unlike other Hello minigames, high scores are not kept or displayed.


Mario forgot to bring Peach a Christmas gift - but Luigi got her a whole heap of presents! So Mario's off to find her a bunch of goodies.


The three reviews posted for Present Panic gave this game a range of ratings, but they average out to a score of 7.3. Almost everyone agreed this was a very original game with some good moments and some well-executed cutscenes. However, some people didn't like the inability to jump, and almost everyone had to restart a few levels because of the game's glitches; in particular, presents getting stuck and preventing them from getting pushed. Elevators also frequently move presents to the wrong levels, similar to a glitch seen in Save the Goombas.

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