Super Mario Bros.: Revenge of Bowser

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Super Mario Bros.: Revenge of Bowser
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date January 19, 2008
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Finished

SMB: Revenge of Bowser is a platform game Hello made with his Hello Engine 3 in early 2008. The game structure includes echoes of Super Mario 64, as there are 120 stars to collect and a central hub (Peach's Castle) connecting all of the action scenes. There are 10 worlds, each with four levels inside, giving the game a total of 40 levels - Hello's highest level count ever. Each of the 40 levels contains three stars; one is obtained simply by completing the level, one requires Mario to collect all of the Ace Coins in the level (and still hit the flagpole), and one more requires Mario to find a hidden Shine and then complete the level. As more stars are collected, new worlds open up. There are also Mushroom Houses where Mario can earn a power-up at the expense of three lives. Since players can save at any time, lives should never be in short supply. As with most of Hello's games, recolored Black Squirrel tilesets are used throughout. Players who have played Super Mario Bros: Shine Expedition will notice many similarities between that game and SMB: Revenge of Bowser.


Bowser has kidnapped Peach, as usual, and Mario has to rescue her. Mario can't get to Peach until he collects 120 stars from levels accessed through her castle. As typical of Hello, the ending is hardly amazing.


There are ten worlds in SMB: Revenge of Bowser: Good Green Grassland, Dark Deadly Caves, Soaring Sky Paradise, Dry Desolate Desert, Wild Wet Waterfront, Shivery Snowcapped Mountains, Shocking Spooky Manor, Freaky Forest Frenzy, Perilous Pipe Panic, and Airborne Airship Invasion, each with four levels, as well as the concluding Bowser's Keep. Some of the more intriguing levels in this game include a dark cave, a haunted forest, a sunken ghost ship, and a flooded pipe maze. Still, Hello offers relatively little that hasn't been seen before as far as level types are concerned.


The music in the castle lobby is the ending song from Super Mario Bros. 3, but all of the other songs in the game are MP3s from Super Mario Galaxy.


Eight reviews have been posted for SMB: Revenge of Bowser, and the scores average out to 7.7. Most players enjoyed this game, even though it's not the most innovative game out there. A number of players with slower computers have complained that the game often runs quite a bit slower than the 60 frames per second it's supposed to. In addition, some players found the difficulty uneven and too high in the early levels, and completing each level at least three times to get all the stars was excessively time-consuming to some.

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