Super Mario Bros.: Journey to Peach

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Super Mario Bros: Journey to Peach
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date January 13, 2007
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6
Platform Windows
Status Finished

Super Mario Bros.: Journey to Peach was one of Hello's earlier games made during his peak of productivity. It was one of Hello's first uses of the Ultramario Engine. The reviews for this game were not very positive, citing the game's tendency to lag, especially on the first two levels, as well as the lack of a final boss or ending. While most of the game was considered fairly easy, many players complained that the first fortress was disproportionately difficult. And with just ten levels, Mario will have a fairly short journey to Peach. In Hello's favor was that MFGGers had not yet tired of his ubiquitous Black Squirrel graphics, which sometimes clash with the other tiles, and that his often-recycled MP3 music was still fresh. Many levels have a two-tiered design, allowing players a choice of routes to take and thus somewhat increasing replay value.



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File Size: 8.49 MB

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