Super Mario Bros: Fierce Days

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Super Mario Bros: Fierce Days
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date July 9, 2008
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6
Platform Windows
Status Finished

SMB: Fierce Days is a 2008 platform game from Hello. It is regarded as one of the most difficult games on MFGG, even though players receive 80 lives at the start of the game. Gameplay is based on Super Mario Bros. 3 and uses SMB 3 graphics. This was Hello's first game since the 2007 title Super Mario Bros: Kingdom Troubles to use a map screen, which is fairly simple and is based on SMB 3. The music consists of Ogg Vorbis files, primarily rock remixes of Super Mario 64 songs. Even the second level in the game, which is full of extremely challenging jumps and traps, is probably harder than the toughest level in many of Hello's other games.


At the beginning of the game, Princess Peach sends Mario a letter explaining how Bowser has been building Koopa fortresses all over the islands near the Mushroom Kingdom and asks Mario to get rid of them. Mario sets off immediately to accomplish this arduous task.


The seven reviews posted for SMB: Fierce Days give the game an average rating of 8.7, although the game hasn't been downloaded as much as most of Hello's later games have. MFGGers seemed to like this game strongly, but many complained about the game's difficulty, which exceeds that of most "hacks" of the original games. Hello also makes the mistake of including a glitched-up save file in the original zipped folder. In addition, chances to save are few and far between.

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