A Koopa's Adventure

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A Koopa's Adventure
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date June 11, 2008
Genre Minigame/Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Finished

A Koopa's Adventure was Hello's entry for Minigame Competition #36, which had a theme of games that feature Koopas. The star of the show is a Koopa Troopa who can slide around in his shell to break blocks and defeat enemies. The Red Shell allows the Koopa to slide longer, and the Yellow Shell increases his slide speed. There are about half a dozen rooms in this fairly short platform game. As with all of Hello's minigames, high scores appear at the end of play.


An anonymous Koopa has decided to go on adventure, and you have to guide him to his destination. Unfortunately, nothing really special happens when you reach the destination.


An MP3 from the Gusty Garden Galaxy level of Super Mario Galaxy cycles through. This particular version of the song is longer than the one used in Super Mario Bros.: Revenge of Bowser.


A Koopa's Adventure has been reviewed five times, and its average rating is 7.6. Most players seemed to enjoy this simple but enjoyable game. More than one MFGGer urged Hello to make a longer, more complex version of the game. However, several comments posted for this game called it "frustrating," since there are no continues or checkpoints. In addition, there are a couple of very hard spots in the second room of the game.

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