Super Mario Bros: Coin Quest

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Super Mario Bros: Coin Quest
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date January 27, 2007
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6
Platform Windows
Status Finished

SMB: Coin Quest is one of the many short fangames Hello made when he was releasing so many games back in early 2007. This game uses an earlier build of the Ultramario Engine, also seen in Super Mario Bros.: Adventure Journey. In this game, Mario must collect a specified number of red coins (usually five) to open the gate to the exit flagpole. To get all of the crimson coinage, players must hit P-Switches and red, yellow, and blue switch blocks to form bridges and eliminate walls. This premise is very similar to Super Mario Greetings. There's no backstory or ending whatsoever. There are only six levels: a hilly area, a cavern, a forest, an underwater pipe maze, a sky world, and a fortress full of Thwomps and lava. The music consists of the same OC Remix songs used in many of Hello's other 2007 games.


SMB: Coin Quest received poor reviews. People found the premise to be unoriginal and improving little upon Hello's earlier games, and as far inferior to later games like Super Mario Bros. Shine Pursuit. The unusual resolution, also used in Super Mario Bros.: Kill Bowser, irked a few people, and there are a number of glitches; for example, the "small" Mario sprite is always shown on the ending flagpole. The final two levels, which required the use of a sliding Koopa shell to keep turning a switch block on and off, frustrated a few people as well, and the first level is disproportionately difficult to many players. The pipe puzzle in level four also irked some players, like Treeki. Lag is a serious problem in many levels even on fast computers.



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