Super Mario Bros.: Bowser's Terror

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Super Mario Bros: Bowser's Terror
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date February 28, 2007
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker 6
Platform Windows
Status Finished

Super Mario Bros.: Bowser's Terror was made by Hello in February 2007, during one of his most prolific periods for fangame production. Bowser's Terror is one of six Hello games to use the Ultramario Engine. It is a very linear 2-D platform game that uses an overworld map screen.


Hello's storylines typically have little to do with the gameplay and are designed mostly just to jump-start the game action. As the rather unoriginal game title implies, Bowser is again up to no good and has kidnapped Peach, and Mario's mission is to save her.


Bowser's Terror includes five worlds: a grassy world, a desert, a tundra, a forest, and a dark world where Bowser resides. Counting the optional hidden Switch Palace, there are a total of 31 levels - a rather odd number.


As with many of Hello's games from around his prolific period, Bowser's Terror uses MP3 files almost exclusively. While these often more flexibility than MIDIs, they push the file size to a hair under ten megabytes, almost as massive as Super Mario Bros: Kingdom Troubles, and tend to offer poor sound quality. Most of the songs come from remixed MP3s and combine portions of songs from Super Mario Bros. or Super Mario Bros. 2. Some of the more interesting pieces include a rap-inspired remix of the original Super Mario Bros. castle theme and a spunky Big Band-inspired retake of the Super Mario Land theme.


Many reviewers thought Bowser's Terror was a very fun game, although there have been complaints about the sound quality, the enormous file size, and the unexciting final boss. Hello also fails to correct many of the shortcomings found in the unmodified Ultramario Engine, such as the slow background scroll speed. Also Hello made the mistake of using a voice sample of Luigi saying "oww!" when Mario is hit.



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