Super Mario Bros.: Hello

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Super Mario Bros.: Hello
Developer(s) Hello
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date August 29, 2006
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Finished

Super Mario Bros.: Hello is one of Hello's earliest - and glitchiest - games. Expanding on the earlier Mario's Journey, this Trisoft Engine-based platformer includes three worlds and a total of twelve levels. The three worlds are grass, desert, and ice, and within each world are land, cave, athletic, and fortress levels. Each world concludes with a progressively harder Boom-Boom boss. There is no story or ending. Hello seems to have completed the levels in the order in which they appear in the game, since later levels have more features, like Banzai Bills, jumping Piranha Plants, and on/off blocks. Most of the game's themes come from Super Mario Bros. 3.


Reviewers strongly disliked this game, giving it an average grade of 3.8. Nearly all of the comments for this game were extremely negative. Even with the competent level design and relatively small .EXE size (4.63 MB), players couldn't overlook the irritating glitches found throughout the game. Items and enemies frequently get stuck in blocks, and the poorly-programmed Boom-Boom often leaves the fighting area, making the fights impossible. Mario's gravity is far too high, causing him fall like a rock when jumping. And because of the lack of global variables, Mario shrinks to "small" size at the beginning of each room. Hello improves upon this game's framework in his earlier games before moving on to the Ultramario Engine and then to his Hello Mario Engine.



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File Size: 4.63 MB

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