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Cruise Elroy

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Aliases: Blutorus, Blu, Tru Blu, Blinky, MountainSweet (former)
Interests: Art, programming, games in general
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Cruise Elroy (formerly known as Blutorus) is an MFGGer who's served as a staff member since 2015. He first discovered MFGG sometime around 2006 and played mostly Hello clones. His favorite "classic" MFGG fangame is Mario Dash, while his favorite "current" MFGG fangame is Midas Machine. Blue is his favorite color.


Cruise Elroy has been inspired by the fangames he played when he first discovered MFGG to make his own fangames, but most of the fangames he had attempted to make were nothing more than a few animations with little sounds as he was extremely lazy and not very motivated when he first started.

Before he was known with the name, Cruise Elroy, he had joined MFGG at some point under the name of MountainSweet. Back in that time, he wasn't capable of making civil comments or refined reviews. MountainSweet had submitted five submissions to the main site, 80% of which were declined by the Site Staff. Soon, MountainSweet left the main site, and he entirely forgot about MFGG soon. Somewhere from late 2013 to early 2014, MountainSweet (who is now known Cruise Elroy from that point) searched for fangames across the web, and he found a Mario fangame in the MFGG Message Boards.

Soon, Cruise Elroy created a forum account on July 24th, 2014 and a main site account on August 18th, 2014, this time under the name Blutorus. He submitted an entry for the first King Boo's Halloween Spooktacular in the sprites category. It made it past the Top 5 voting, but he didn't win as he didn't get any votes during the final round. He made two games for LuigiM9 and VinnyVideo for the 2014 Secret Santa, The Legend of Nova, and Vinny's Merrio Adventure, respectively.

He submitted an entry for the Sprite Competition #1-2015. Once again, it got past the Top 5 voting but did not gain any more votes afterwards. He participated and won the Drawing Competition #2-2015, with an entry based off of Super Meat Boy. He competed at the first Super Competition, with his entry known as Toads vs. Koopas. He did the coding and graphics while edeN did most of the music. His Super Competition entry won, as he got all of the votes. Later, he submitted pre-evolution and evolutionary forms of a Koopa for the Sprite Competition #2-2015. His entry won.

Right now, he is currently working on a secret fangame project. He has shown off several screenshots showcasing a single level while the protagonist has been burned off, replaced with a trollfaced Bowser, or simply not there. He unfortunately did not get this game out in time for Nintendo Community Fangame Convention 2015, but the secret character has been revealed to be Parakarry (not to be confused with Parakarry, a former staff member with the same name). It is actually unknown whether he is still working on this fangame.

He revived the Joke Game Contests, and also made an entry for the Joke Game Contest #1 - 2015, which is known as Toad's Typical Day. His entry won, but as he is the host of the Joke Game Contest, he allowed Q-Nova to be the winner. He also joined the Joke Game Contest #2 - 2015 and Joke Game Contest #3 - 2015, but while he won in the second Joke Game Contest, he lost in the latter Joke Game Contest.

On September 11, 2015, he was promoted to a Global Moderator status. He also joined the Quality Control team on December 28, 2015, and was promoted as an Administrator the next day. Cruise Elroy created Annalynn, which is his entry for the Super Competition #1 - 2016. His entry won. Cruise Elroy made an entry for the Music Competition #1 - 2016, and he won.

On the beginning of April, 2016, Cruise Elroy changed his username in the forums from Blutorus into Cruise Elroy (which is a fan-made alias of Blinky, a ghost that debuted in the game, Pac-Man), and changed his forums avatar into Blinky, in order to match his current name. On June 8 of the same year, Cruise Elroy changed his username into Blinky. Shortly after this name change happened, a fad was spawned. The fad involved many MFGGers changing their username and avatar into something that is related to the ghosts from Pac-Man (or Pac-Man himself). Blinky changed his name back into Cruise Elroy on June 12.

Cruise Elroy created Super Mario 64: Really Good Edition, as his entry for the Joke Game Contest #2 - 2016, and it managed to win. On late September, he released a demo of a Pac-Man fangame he was working on for quite a while, which is currently known as Pac-Man Megamix. He recently restarted the development of that game, right after Super Mario Flashback did the same.

Cruise was promoted to MFGG administrator from December 29, 2015, to December 24, 2018. He still plans to stay on board as a Quality Control staffer until he hits the majestic 1,000 mark, though.


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