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Q-Nova's current avatar in the Message Boards, which is Cruise Elroy's Secret Santa 2016 gift for him. It is a Shlyo (a species Q-Nova designed) as a Mega Man Robot Master, named Shlyo Man.
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Aliases: Quintendo, Bobba, Q-Novette
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Q-Nova was an active MFGGer, abundant submitter to the main site, and an immense contributor, known for spotting even the smallest changes to the main site, forums, or wiki, often within a matter of minutes. He discovered MFGG during the middle of 2012, but didn't create an account until March 7, 2015.

Before joining the site, he had downloaded many fangames from the main site and played them, the first of which were Gravity Goomba and Crazy Lakitu DX. He had also downloaded many sprite sheets from the main site, and used them for some of his fangames, especially his old ones (which were never released anywhere on the internet). They are sometimes edited so they wouldn't clash with the other sprites used in his fangames.

Like Supernova, he was addicted to collecting badges and is even one of the two members to currently have six rows of badges. He was also a prolific reviewer and has received the Super Reviewer badge. He is a spriter and mainly sprites in a style that is mostly known for lacking outlines. Q-Nova had made several fangames, most of which were submitted to competitions. They are known to use at least mostly custom graphics.


Released from oldest to newest (unfinished games are ordered from when they are revealed):

Fangames that Q-Nova contributed to

Confirmed from oldest to newest:

MFGG Awards

On MFGG Awards 2015, Q-Nova was nominated for Best Reviewer, Jack-of-all-Trades, and Most Positive Contributor, while he won Best Newcomer. Nightmare's Revenge was nominated for Most Original Gameplay and Best Setting, and The Flooded Tower was nominated for both Best Sprites and Most Replay Value, while it won Best Minigame. His avatar (which is a drawing made by imaginary cake that was originally made as a gift for the Secret Santa event of 2015) was nominated for Best Avatar.

During MFGG Awards 2016, Q-Nova was nominated for Best Reviewer, Most Positive Contributor, Jack-of-All-Trades, and Most Helpful, and managed to win all of them except for Jack-of-All-Trades. Beat: the Game was nominated for Best Minigame and Best Sprites, but it didn't win any of the two categories.

Competition Entries

Sprite Competition Entries

Image Competition it entered Place Other notes
QNova SpriteComp.PNG Sprite Competition #1 - 2015 3rd Based off Abducted Toad.
Sprite Comp 2.PNG Sprite Competition #2 - 2015 8th An evolved form of an Octorok from The Legend of Zelda series.
Starman Cartoon QNova.PNG Sprite Competition #3 - 2015 2nd An 80s Saturday morning cartoon redesign of a Starman from Earthbound.
SC4 QNova.PNG Sprite Competition #4 - 2015 2nd Satoru Iwata in an action pose, along with a Balloon Fighter alt costume and a symbol representing Nintendo.
Blu Bill SC.PNG Sprite Competition #5 - 2015 2nd From left to right is Toad, Blu Bill (who is Toad but with Bullet Bill-related powers and costume), and a Bullet Bill.
QNova SC6.PNG Sprite Competition #6 - 2015 10th A Goomba and a couple Koopa shells in the graphical style of the Invasion of the Vorticons trilogy from Commander Keen.
Qnova sc2 2016.PNG Sprite Competition #2 - 2016 3rd A Toad that is dressed up as a clown.
Qnova sc3 2016.PNG Sprite Competition #3 - 2016 7th Toad, with his design from the original Super Mario Bros. artwork and in the style of Yoshi's Island.
Qnova sc6 2016.PNG Sprite Competition #6 - 2016 5th An angry pepper that can breathe fire, and is called a "Peppro".
QNova SC1 2017.PNG Sprite Competition #1 - 2017 8th

Minigame Competition Entries

Game Competition it entered Place Other notes
The Flooded Tower Minigame Competition #2 - 2015 1st The only entry to be submitted to the Minigame Competition.
Battle in the Future Minigame Competition #2 - 2016 4th A demo of Battle in the Future.

Super Competition Entries

Game Competition it entered Place Other notes
Bob-Ball Super Competition #1 - 2015 2nd
Nightmare's Revenge Super Competition #2 - 2015 2nd
Beat: the Game Super Competition #1 - 2016 3rd

Joke Game Contest Entries

Game Contest it entered Place Other notes
A Typical Day Joke Game Contest #1 - 2015 1st Technically placed 2nd, but the winner allowed the game to be the winner instead.

Music Competition Entries

Link to music track Competition it entered Place Other notes
Music Track Music Competition #1 - 2015 3rd
Music Track Music Competition #2 - 2016 6th An airship theme that attempts to imitate the music style Super Mario Land 2: Six Golden Coins.

Drawing Competition Entries

Image Competition it entered Place Other notes
QNova SonicBad.jpeg Drawing Competition #2 - 2015 6th Represents the original Sonic the Hedgehog.
QNova ToadetteReality.PNG Drawing Competition #3 - 2015 3rd Pokes fun at a boss from Toadette Strikes, who is a big Flurry that is covered in fire (but doesn't melt, however).
QNova MarioSmiley.jpeg Drawing Competition #4 - 2015 3rd Mario (with his emotion being the sad smiley) and Greeno as Robot Masters.
QNova DC52015.png Drawing Competition #5 - 2015 4th Mario and a Bob-Omb Buddy, both of whom were cosplaying as the Pokémon characters Red and Electrode, respectively.
Roboshi DC6.jpeg Drawing Competition #6 - 2015 2nd A robotic version of Yoshi, which is called "Roboshi".
QNova DC72015.PNG Drawing Competition #7 - 2015 3rd Doc Guy, a "doctor-ified" Shy Guy.
QNova DC1 2016.PNG Drawing Competition #1 - 2016 6th A green Sprixie Princess as a Mini.
Qnova dc2 16.png Drawing Competition #2 - 2016 9th Fabio, a farmer that is designed to be the brother of Mario and Luigi.
QNova DC3 2016.jpeg Drawing Competition #3 - 2016 2nd Ronnie Koopa, a Koopaling that can create bubbles of psychic energy.
QNova DC4 2016.jpeg Drawing Competition #4 - 2016 2nd Kamek in a kart that is designed after his broom.
QNova DC1 2017.jpeg Drawing Competition #1 - 2017 3rd King Dedede from the Kirby series, who was renamed as General Dedede and redesigned to fit in the Overwatch universe.
DC62017.jpeg Drawing Competition #6 - 2017 1st Big Top dropping MC Ballyhoo into lava.

Former Competition Entries

Image Competition it originally entered Other notes
QNova MarioReality.png Drawing Competition #3 - 2015 Pokes fun at the fact that Mario can enter Warp Pipes with Piranha Plants inside without any harm received.
Qnova sc3 2016 former.PNG Sprite Competition #3 - 2016 A Cheep-Cheep with its design from the original Super Mario Bros. artwork.


  • Q-Nova is one of the few members that is known to have interest at the DOS series, Commander Keen, and is the only member that is known to produce Commander Keen mods.
  • Q-Nova is the fastest member to earn a Wiki Contributor badge, which is about almost two months after he created his wiki account.
  • Q-Nova is the fastest member on the current iteration of the forums to make over 1,000 posts, taking him about one month and sixteen days to reach this milestone.
  • Q-Nova is also the fastest member on the current version of the forums to make over 2,000 posts, taking him about five months and nineteen days to reach this milestone.

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