Toadette Strikes

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Toadette Strikes
Developer(s) Thunder Dragon
Announce Date 2013
Release Date January 23rd, 2015
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion
Platform Windows
Status Finished
GotMAward.png Toadette Strikes was named Game of the Month in November 2013.
GotMAward.png Toadette Strikes was named Game of the Month in January 2015.

Toadette Strikes, also known as Toad Strikes Back 2, is Thunder Dragon's sequel to his critically-acclaimed Toad Strikes Back and his first fangame since Psycho Waluigi. The game stars Toadette instead of Toad and adds a brand-new story and new features such as cherries. The first demo was released for NCFC in 2013, and the full game was released in 2015.

The final version was released on January 23rd, 2015, and was considered by many to be the best fangame ever to appear on MFGG.

Thunder Dragon intends for Toadette Strikes to be his final fangame, but he plans to continue making indie games that draw inspiration from the classic Mario and Yoshi games. His only indie game made after Toadette Strikes so far, is Psycutlery.


The mushroom kingdom was a land of peace and harmony. Its citizens, the Toads, enjoyed life without any cares to be had.
However, somebody thought the kingdom wasn't quite peaceful enough...
One day, an eerie chill crept through the air. One by one, many Toads began to fall into a deep wakeless slumber.
Who could be behind such dark magic? Well, there was a certain order of monsters long jealous of the Toads' carefree lives - the 
Koopa Clan!
With the citizens showing no signs of walking, the monsters were free to wreak all the havoc and perform all the kidnappings they 
could ever want!
Could nothing be done to stop them?!
In a small town on the edge of the kingdom, one young citizen recalls the old legend of "Super Mario." It tells of a great hero.
One who would rise up from obscurity in the Mushroom Kingdom's time of need, and face the music, head on!


The gameplay is very similar to Toad Strikes Back, though there are many notable differences. The controls are customizable, but a left, right, duck, and jump maneuver are all possible. In addition, when Toadette is standing on top of veggies, she can pull them out of the ground, and throw them at enemies. They will proceed to bounce off of the enemy, and can hurt the next enemy it hits. If it does not hit an enemy, it will fall off screen. Most veggies re-spawn after a few seconds of being thrown. Some enemies can be pulled upwards and thrown themselves, though many can be defeated by being stomped on.

Toadette has a five-point based health system. However, her health can go over the maximum when a Star Mushroom is collected, although that ability will be lost once health returns to its standard value. Cherries restore health slots. The game uses a Star Meter, which can be gradually filled by collecting coins. Once full, it will empty and spawn a Star from the bottom of the screen that slowly floats upward. When two Fireflowers or Hammers are collected, the one currently collected will become more powerful. A super powered Fire Flower explodes on contact with an enemy or wall, and a super powered Hammer creates flames from the shockwaves it creates. Once Toadette is hit, however, the super power will be lost.


  • Cherry - Restores one unit of health
  • Fireflower - Allows Toadette to shoot bouncing projectiles which defeat many enemies upon contact
  • Hammer - Give Toadette a melee attack
  • Star - Makes Toadette invincible for a short time
  • Star Mushroom - Increases Toadette's maximum health


Main Worlds

  • Toadsville
  • Forbidden Fortress
  • HMS Piranha
  • Glum Valley
  • Point Shiver
  • Cogwheel Canyon
  • Kammy Manor
Spoilers! Plot/ending information may follow (highlight to read):

Bonus Worlds

  • The Fungitorium
  • Top Secret Area
  • The Bossoleum
  • The Lost Hideway


Reviews for Toadette Strikes have been almost universally favorable. They praised the graphics and the unique level gimmicks, but VinnyVideo criticized the fact that the game can beaten too quickly (if you don't go for the Mushroom Medals) and Q-Nova thinks that the Light Blue Yoshi can be a little hard to control at first. The game won a Game of the Month award for November 2013, and another Game of the Month award for January 2015.

Toadette Strikes won Best Demo, tied for Best Bosses, and won Best Game Overall during the MFGG Awards of 2013. On the MFGG Awards of 2015, Toadette Strikes won Best Game Overall, Best Level Design, Most Replay Value, Most Anticipated, Best Story, Best Secrets, Best Setting, and Best Bosses.


  • Psycho Waluigi was originally going to be Thunder Dragon's last fangame, but mid-development, he started work on Toadette Strikes.
  • It is claimed that anyone who sees a Shy Guy without its mask on will die.
  • Originally, the Psycho Iris was going to be an easter egg acting as a veggie, though this was scrapped.
  • It is strongly implied that the mastermind behind the plot has some relation to Wart's species. Some have speculated that he is even Wart himself.
  • An NPC states that the Koopa Troop has not had a strong leader since Bowser, which implies that the events of Toadette Strikes are chronologically before, or in a different timeline than, Toad Strikes Back.
Spoilers! Plot/ending information may follow (highlight to read):
In the first level of Subcon, a recreation of Birdo's platform is shown, with a skeleton of Birdo. Similar skeletons are shown throughout the world, particularly in an arena containing a robotic Birdo, implying that the robot killed many of the Birdos.



Download Toadette Strikes from MFGG's main site

File Size: 36.85MB
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