Highway Trouble

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GotMAward.png Highway Trouble was named Game of the Month in September 2010.
Highway Troble
Developer(s) Supernova
Announce Date December 1, 2009
Release Date July 17, 2011
Genre Action and Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows and Mac OS X
Status Completed

Highway Trouble (or HWYT, a.k.a. Metal Slug Mario: Highway Trouble) is a Metal-Slug mario fangame was been released on December 25, 2009. Supernova considers this game is rated T, because of it's bloody content. In September 2010, due to many people enjoy this game, Highway Trouble is promoted into the MFGG Game of the Month in September 2010. In October 2010, Highway Trouble entered the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention.


Highway Trouble (or HWYT) is a mario fangame that was first released on December 25, 2009. Supernova prefers this game and it is rated T, because of its violence and difficulty. This game was inspired by a Xbox 360 game called Alien Honimid. Since Alien Honimid is fun and insane, Highway Trouble is made after the second level of Alien Honimid.


Highway Trouble started since August 2009, Saturn (Supernova's name back then) started to develop a shooter game with Pokémon characters for his sister. Eventually, his Pokémon game did not went out well, so he replaced all of the Pokémon elements to Mario. However, the engine is preserved. During the Christmas eve of 2009, Supernova released released the first beta version. In 2010, Supernova continue to expand this fangame, and he won twice in 2010 for the best game of September 2010 and best game settings for 2010. In July 2011, Supernova released the full version of Highway Trouble including the final boss. Since July 2011 is MFGG 10th Anniversary, VinnyVideo hosted "30 Games on MFGG Worth Playing" and Highway Trouble is on the list. Even though the full version is released, Supernova is still adding unlockable features and levels to the game. In early 2012, Supernova discontinued Highway Trouble expansion and planning a sequel: Metal Slug Mario 2: Attack of the Clones.

In September 2013, Supernova revived his old Game Maker file over GM: Mac edition and released v0.8.5 (Mac OS X). Supernova planned to add more features to it but future versions only supports Mac OS X.


The 1st boss in Highway Trouble

Due to broken Game Maker file that only works in Game Maker 6, and cannot be upgraded to Game Maker 8. Supernova discontinued Highway Trouble expansion and planned a sequel for this game: Metal Slug Mario 2: Attack of the Clones. Unlike Highway Trouble, most levels are not stationary.

Supernova had later begun working on another sequel developed in GameMaker: Studio, but cancelled it due to his indie fanbase disliking the idea, and low hype on MFGG's part.


An army of Clones that created by Bowser tries to take over the world by invading all the highway system of Mushroom World. And they kidnapped Pricesses Peach as usual. Mario and Luigi is the only few who can stop them. You play as Mario or Luigi and attempt to shoot all the enemies using your plasma gun to foil Bowser's plan.



Left and right

Horizontal movement


Jump, jump out of a car, fire bullets in a chopper


Fire bullets, drop bombs in a chopper

Z and Z again (while in the air)

Perform double jump

X (hold for 3 sec) then release

Fire super bullet

X + Up

Shoot upward

X + Down (while in the air)

Fire Down (plus extra air hanging time)


Hijack vehicle


Toss grenade (toss banana in a cart)

A + Down (while in the air)

Toss grenade downward

Left mouse button

fire projectile from the vehicle (only works on a military grade vehicle)



Jump out of Yoshi (While in the air), hijack a vehicle (While on top of a vehicle)


Lick or spit item/enemy

S + Up (with item)

Spit item/enemy upward

S + Down (with item while in the air)

Spit item downward (plus some jump boost, possible triple jump)


  • F1 - Show info
  • F4 - Toggle fullscreen mode
  • F5 - Toggle frame-skip
  • F6 - Show/hide play indicator
  • F8 - Screenshot

Current status

  • Version: v0.8.6
  • Levels: 17
  • Status: Complete, in expansion (Mac OS X only).


  • Compact cars
  • Truck
  • Missile/minigun Truck
  • Ride-able Armored Car
  • Cart from Mario Kart
Older version of HWYT


  • Normal Clone Mario or Luigi (shoot plasma)
  • Clone Luigi on a cloud (throws grenade)
  • Clone Mario or Luigi (on a jet pack shooting fireballs)
  • Clone Yoshi (shoot bazookas)
  • Armored car (make more clones)
  • Helicopter (shoot plasma or drop bombs)
  • Parachute Clone Mario
  • Elite Communist Clone (Stronger than Normal Clones)
  • Clone Mario holding a shield
  • Goomba
  • Jet Planes
  • Kamikaze Clone Mario
  • Airships
  • Armored Clone Yoshi Knight


  • Super Copter
  • Bomb Truck
  • UFO (level 4) (destroys cars below using laser)
  • Giant Mario or Luigi or Yoshi Clone(Mini)
  • Flying Sword
  • Super Copter with helpers
  • Communist K.U.T. Tank
  • Clone Mario Go-Kart
  • Random coin boss
  • UFO (level 10) (Grab cars and drop it)
  • Spike ball car
  • Axer (Similar to Flying Sword)
  • Brobot
  • Bowser with Clown Car
  • Super Saiyon Clone Mario


  • Many elements are inspired by Super Mario World: Dark Horizon, the final boss used the idea from SMW: DH.
  • This is second game where Supernova has rogue cloned protagonist.

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Download Highway Trouble from MFGG's main site

File Size: 17.77MB

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