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Wario's avatar during the first days of the "Nyerk nyerk nyerk!" event.
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Interests: Money
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Wario is an Event Leader (even though, he doesn't have an Event Leader's powers) that hosted the "Nyerk nyerk nyerk!" event that took place during October, 2015. During the event, Wario held various members hostage and provided various minigames that gave out hints on what could the member that is currently on hostage be, when beaten. Wario would later kill the member that is currently on hostage, or if someone figured out the who member on hostage is, kill the one that figured it out. The reason why he does the killing, is so that he could take their body parts and sell them for money.

As the event went on, Wario's persona began to fall apart. By the final night of the event, Wario's appearance has been reduced to a skull wearing a cowboy hat, and his speech patterns had noticeably changed to closely resemble radio host Ghost, of True Capitalist Radio's mannerisms. Several hints to Wario's true identity had been dropped throughout his forum posts and minigames.

When the event ended, Wario stated that he is going to buy out MFGG with all of the money he has, and turn it into Wario Fan Games Galaxy. This has yet to happen. When The Hallowsphere event ended, Phanto stated that he demands a refund from Wario, which implies that Wario might have been paid in order to possibly assist with the Phanto's plans.