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Alba Garcia Clerigues

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Aliases: Alba Garcia Clèrigues, Alba García Clérigues
Interests: Mavi Benito Monzon (A teacher), Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog video games.
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Before Alba Garcia Clerigues joined MFGG

Alba Garcia Clerigues was born in Spain, her parents gave her name and her surnames in Valencian, her name was assinged to be Alba Garcia Clèrigues, later the Spanish people called her Alba García Clérigues. Alba Garcia Clerigues liked video games such as Super Mario since her childhood, especially the games with Yoshi. Several years later she developed a liking for the Sonic the Hedgehog game series. When she was fifteen years old, she put effort in to get a teacher that taught ethics called Mavi Benito Monzón, but unfortunately, Alba Garcia Clerigues teacher had no more classes with her when she finished her school year in 2004 and 2005. Alba Garcia Clerigues is interested in her teacher, because she missed her. When she got the Internet connection at home, she started to search webs with games of Mario and Sonic, she spent time to find MFGG, but she at first didn't register in that website. She began to make her first game on the date of Saturday, July 22nd, 2006.

Alba Garcia Clerigues's beginning on MFGG's main site

Alba Garcia Clerigues registered to be a member on MFGG's main site on October, 2006. She did not register onto MFGG's forums yet because she didn't want to yet. She began to do reviews about fangames on the main site, but her first reviews were declined because her English was below expected quality. She realized that she needed an English teacher, she spent a few months to get a private English teacher and began her lessons during January, 2007.

Alba Garcia Clerigues's beginning on MFGG's forums

Alba Garcia Clerigues became a member of MFGG's forums when she decided to register on February 13th, 2007. She created her first topic in the forum several minutes after registration, her first post had three languages in it, she is still having difficulties with English. At first she was not much active in the forum, she did not understand some rules of the forum, but she did not get warns, the inconvenience was that she produced was her posts with more than one language. Several months later she started posting in English on MFGG's forums.


First reference

Her first reference in MFGG is a hellish girl, this first character seems very to Alba Garcia Clerigues. Her attacks usually be very hard, she can throw fire by any part of her body and she can do herself a shield of fire trying to protect herself. She is strong against the heat and her weakness are the poisonous attacks and electricity. She can swim in water and in lava. When she is unable to defeat her rival, she will escape by fleeing. The food of this character is very similar to the food of the Spanish and Valencian people, the exception is that she does not drink alcohol and she does not take drugs as she does not wish to.

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