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Aliases: Mikey, MikeyStar45
Real name: Micah
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Mikeystar is a user who has joined MFGG on November 26th, 2010. He at the time was a member who have frequented the boards with posts regarding the Hello Engine and DragezeeY Engines, lending a helping hand for programming various aspects of those engines. He and CatezeeY has also created the All-Star Engine, an unfinished collection of various exclusives from the Super Mario Advance series, programmed into Game Maker 8 Pro. He occasionally visited the Minus World when he was promoting a team fangame project, formerly known as Super Mario: All-Star Attack (previously known as Super Mario World: All-Star Edition).

Submissions, Skills, Contributions to the Community

As of 2015, he occasionally visits the boards, and usually posting in the WIP Topics and working on All-Star Attack. He is currently doing more to help contribute to the MFGG Boards. He also submits sprite rips and does occasional spritework. He joined the Nintendo Community Fangame Convention twice, and looks forward to more involvements.


  • Mikeystar was well-known for the production of his fan-characters when first joining the boards back in 2009. The Minus World knows him notably for that, in the Arts Board.
  • ~CaMtEnDo~ gathered Mikeystar's attention when first building All-Star Attack back in 2010. He programmed the fangame by himself, and as the years went on, he re-programmed the entire game by scratch.

Forum, Links, etc.

If you are curious to see what Mikeystar is up to, visit his forum here: All-Star Powered-Up!