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Toodles Team

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Aliases: Toodles, toodles_team, Super Paper Toodles
Interests: Making things in the Paper Mario 2 style, Drawing Toodles the Horse Comics, Talking like Shaggy and Scooby-Doo.
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Toodles Team is an MFGGer who joined the Mario Fan Games Galaxy Forums on April 23rd, 2006.

History & Personality

Toodles Team was a very active member of the MFGG Forums. He went by the name "toodles_team" on the Main Site, but was much less active on that. Toodles tended to be on the forum everyday, but he did not post very frequently - only when it's necessary. For the most part, Toodles is well-liked, having no real enemies or rivals, and being on good terms with most members. Toodles Team is also know for creating the popular fangame, Paper Bowser World which won five MFGG awards in 2006. Toodles Team also won the MFGG 2006 "Jack-of-All-Trades" Award in a three-way tie with Kitsune and Klobber. He won the award again in 2008, as well as the award for "Most Friendly." He is also known to be an amazing spriter, and many of his sprites can be found in Paper Bowser World and Paper Bowser World 2.

Departure & Return

On July 29th, 2007 Toodles decided to leave MFGG and fangaming all together. He said on that night he became annoyed at gamemaking and hoped that God would lead him in a better direction.

Toodles had been made Site Staff for a brief period beforehand and therefore resigned from that role as well.

Despite this, he came back shortly to send a new fangame of his to the mainsite. Super Mario Galaxy Pinball was made to pass the time until Galaxy was released, so Toodles decided to share it. This led to such comments like "Yay! Toodles came back!", which he has proven false. Also, he made clear that he's not going to continue or submit sources of his canned sequel for Paper Bowser World'. He has not completely left MFGG - Toodles still visits the MFGG mainsite now and then, but he's decided to leave the forums pretty much alone.

  • On January 29th, 2008, the finished Paper Bowser World 2 was submitted to MFGG. However, Toodles still refused to return to be an active member.
  • On August of 2008, Toodles has returned to the forums, but left shortly thereafter.
  • As of MFGG 3.0, Toodles has essentially disappeared and has made only one post.

At the end of February 2011, in the new era of MFGG, a new member named D-Dazzle submitted a fan sequel to the Paper Bowser World series, and Toodles wrote a review for it. Toodles has stated that it's unlikely he'll finish another fangame.

In mid-August of 2011, Toodles returned to show off his new Paper Bowser World 3 Game, which was a submission to celebrate the 5th anniversary of the Paper Bowser World Games.


Toodles Team's character is Toodles the Horse. Toodles the Horse is one of Toodles Team's original cartoon characters, whom he has been drawing for over six years. Toodles the Horse's voice can be heard at the beginning of all of Toodles' games, shouting "Toodles Team!"

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