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King of Awesomeness
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Aliases: Dazzle, D-Dazzle, Qz98
Interests: Game Making, spriting, drawing, listening to music, Mario, CoD, Playing (fan)games.
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jeff-dazzle@live.nl (MSN)
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D-Dazzle joined Mario Fan Games Galaxy on November 23rd, 2009 and submitted a music rip. He didn't show up again until after The Split, when he submitted a fangame of the Toodles classic Paper Bowser World called Super Paper Bowser World and joined the new forums. His work has generally met with a positive reception and has quickly become one of the most useful contributors of the new era of MFGG.

D-Dazzle left for a period of 4 months in March 2012, caused by the new members of MFGG. He decided to return on the 29th of June, and he also showed the demo of a new project of his, called 'Super Goomba Land', which also met a positive reception, even though it was still in a very early stage of development. Super Paper Bowser World was officially canned earlier that same month.

Dazzle had also received one minor warning in 2012 for flaming another member. These warn points quickly evaporated, and Dazzle remains with a 0% warning status today. He is known for his help on Game Maker projects, beta-testing, and reviewing games.

Dazzle still visits MFGG on occasion, but he's too busy uploading YouTube videos and hanging out with his girlfriend of three years to post regularly.

Fangames & Engines

D-Dazzle got many positive comments on his fangame Super Paper Bowser World, which was submitted to the mainsite in February 2011. Dazzle has also entered the 24 Hours of MFGG (the third edition of the Minigame Competition since The Split) with a game called Super Mario: the Quest for the Stolen golden Kuribo's shoe. Because of lack of time (he made the game in approx. 4 hours), the game lacked good gameplay, but the funny dialogue made it quite a nice game, which unfortunately didn't reach the final voting.

Besides being a helpful and positive contributor to MFGG, D-Dazzle has also announced a lot of projects which remain unfinished, such as a NSMB: Wii-like engine, a Paper Mario 3D engine, the 'Dazzle' Mario Engine, and games like 'Super Mario: The Lost Levels!', The extended and remastered version of Super Mario: the Quest for the Stolen golden Kuribo's shoe, and of course 'Super Paper Bowser World', which was canned officially mid-June. Dazzle is currently working on a Super Mario 64-like game, called 'Super Goomba Land' (Announcement Topic)

Super Paper Bowser World

D-Dazzle came back to submit his new project: Super Paper Bowser World. His game is a fan-made sequel to the first two Paper Bowser World games, made by Toodles Team. Toodles also wrote a review for SPBW. The game was planned to be released at the NCFC of 2011. This did not happen, and only a really small demo of the game was released. The following months where quiet when it comes to SPBW, but in mid-June, the game was officially canned, after almost 1,5 years of development. The source is available on request.