Super Mario Stardust

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GotMAward.png Super Mario Stardust was named Game of the Month in July 2008.
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Super Mario Stardust
Developer(s) Avi
Announce Date 2006
Release Date June 21, 2007
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Multimedia Fusion
Platform Windows
Status Released

Super Mario Stardust is a highly-acclaimed Mario fangame by Avi. It is one of few fangames to use an extremely large ratio of custom sprites, high-quality sound (modules), and an advanced, stable engine simultaneously.

SMS revives the original intended Super Mario Bros. story, wherein the Mushroom Kingdom's residents are turned to stone blocks. It is of course, passed to Mario to rescue them from this condition by traversing eight large worlds to defeat the Koopas.


Super Mario Stardust received a mode review score of at 9/10 on, with reviewers consistently noting the large levels, custom graphics, and module-format music, which assumedly loops flawlessly.

Quality. If you're looking for the best fangames on MFGG you might just have found one of them.
~ Black Squirrel

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