Mario's Deadly Flight 2

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Mario's Deadly Flight 2
Developer(s) Supernova
Announce Date Dec 27, 2011
Release Date Jan 06, 2012
Genre Shooter & Minigame
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png Mario's Deadly Flight 2 was named Game of the Month in January 2012.

Mario's Deadly Flight 2 is a minigame by Supernova, and is his entry for the Minigame Competition #16. Mario's Deadly Flight 2 placed second in the competition at the end. However, it won the Game of the Month award of January 2012.

Mario's Deadly Flight 2 is part of Supernova's Furby Saga.


The player controls Mario (or Luigi) on a jetpack, which can move around, collect starbits, and avoid Furbies and black holes. Numbers of starbits allow you to obtain certain types of weapons or regain health at a certain time. Similar to the first installation, Mario's Deadly Flight, the number of enemies will increase as the round progresses and a boss will appear at the end of every round. However, the game goes on forever.


  • The main enemies in the game are Furbies based off from another one of Supernova's fangames, which is Mario and Luigi vs. The Furbies.
  • The group of mini Furbies is based off from Space Invaders.
  • Black holes can affect anything in the game.
  • During at the later all bosses round, the music will be messed up.

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File Size: 6.54 MB

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