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Hatman and his cowlicks
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Aliases: NotSoAverageJoe, Hatsworth Joseph Manington, Hatman, O'Chunks, Skyller
Real name: Joe
Interests: Drawing, Video Games, General riff raff
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Hatman joined on August 16th, 2006 after being on the main site for about a year. He is known as a generally likeable guy and probably best known for being a quick artist and the creator of Super Mario Skyhigh and Super Luigi Dreams. His fangame Yoshi's Tower won the MFGG '06 award for "Most Overlooked" fangame, and he shared the "Jack of all Trades" award with member Xgoff in the MFGG '07 Awards.

The Beginning

Hatman first aquired Game Maker in mid-2005, after watching an episode of Attack of the Show. The first game Hatman ever completed was a small pong-inspired game entitled Luigi Ball, in which the player controlled four pipes on the sides of the screen in an attempt to get Luigi to the Shine Sprite at the end of each level. The development of this game was aided by a close friend of Hatman's. The game had to be scrapped, however, as they were too lazy to finish it. Later in the summer of 2005, Hatman started to work on his first game, Super Mario Skyhigh. Upon completion in late 2005, he found the website MFGG and uploaded it there. It was then followed by minigame Yoshi's Tower and Super Mario Skyhigh 2. At the release of Super Mario Melatonin, a game created by Kaepora and Someguy, Hatman reviewed the game and gave it a one out of ten. Claiming it was "a waste of time to make and play". This caused tension between Hatman and Kaepora. The dispute was eventually resolved when Hatman reviewe the demo for Let's Go, Thingio! and gave it a higher score because he felt it was a better game. Keapora then advised Hatman to join the MFGG Forums after playing Yoshi's Tower, informing him of the Minigame Competitions. Upon joining, Hatman's first topic was not a "Hi, I'm new topic", but a poll about which Mario game was best. It got up to three pages. He is now an accepted and well-known member of the forums.

Hatman in a nutshell


Hatman's character is himself with Indiana Jones-esque clothing and two large cowlicks on his head. His persona has a fake extension of his name that breaks down the word "Hatman" and lengthens it to "Hatsworth J. Manington". People regularly complain, however, that his character doesn't wear a hat at all, despite his name. When the member Darkzy complained about this, Hatman drew a picture of himself as Abraham Lincoln.


Though he is most active in the PPP (as most users are) He frequently participates in Minigame and Drawing Competitions. Enjoys drawing and drawing other members. Has an annual tradition in which he takes drawing requests depending on the holiday season.

Hatman and Bacteriophage

Hatman has formed a sort-of partnership with member Bacteriophage. The two would be seen in the PPP or IRC chat joking with each other, or working together on certain projects. The two are also the co-founders of the team Pinstriped Singing Barbers, and asked MegaTailzChao to join. Hatman and Phage also subtly assist each other with game programming, graphics, and idea concepts.

The Pun-Hijack Maneuver

Among the Hatman/Phage escapades are a running gag that involves a two-part conversation that involves a constant from Phage and a dynamic line of Hatman's. The pun is usually triggered at Phage's signal during a larger and more annoying topic's reign (e.g. about an hour after Raie creates a topic.) The conversation is as follows.


List of Fangames

But wait! There's more!

  • Hatman is actually the name of a character drawn by Hatman, but he uses his name because it's generally shorter than his other nickname, NotSoAverageJoe.
  • Has trouble holding a stable opinion during debates and once he realizes that his opinion has been outmatched, he admits defeat, and takes his leave.
  • On May 6, 2007 Hatman started drawing pictures of 200 members because he promised MFGG that if a certain topic got 1500 replies he would do so. He failed.