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The Site Staff Badge, worn by all site staff.

A Staff Member is a member who works on the main MFGG site. Site Staff members are placed in the forum group "Site Staff". Members of this group are allowed to access Forum 6 and get a Site Staff badge. A new position, Comment Moderator, was created in January 2007. Members in this role are tasked with keeping the main site free of spam and arguments. Another position was made later, Quality Control ++. The powers of this group are the powers of Quality Control and Comment Moderator combined, but are unable to do some of the things that mainsite administrators can do.

Current site staff:

Older site staff have included Kritter, Supertoad2k, Willy Goldwater, Admiral Delmore, Ylle, Toodles Team, Trasher, ShadowMan, Press Start, Bacteriophage, Nicholas Ainsworth, Tragic, MegaTailzChao, Pucifur, Parakarry, Char, Black Squirrel, Chaoxys, DJ Yoshiman, Alex, Elyk, Dustinvgmaster, Nite Shadow, Ultramario, Guinea, Zero Kirby, DJ Coco, and Miles. Kyori and Dexy were also briefly comment moderators in summer 2010.

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