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"Nyerk nyerk nyerk!" was an event hosted by Wario.


"Nyerk nyerk nyerk!" was a semi-official event hosted by Wario during October 2015. Starting from Tuesday, October 27th, Wario would take one member hostage and kill them by 8 pm on the following day. Each day, a minigame was provided. In order to uncover the hostage's identity, players would have to beat the game and receive a randomized hint. The first person to figure out the hostage's identity was killed instead. Killed members used the "Deceased" memberbar. In the final minutes of the Day 2 cycle, Marxio, a blatant anti-Wario, stepped in and provided guiding words. Despite this, Mit was murdered.

As the event went on, "Wario's" persona began to fall apart. By the final night, "Wario's" appearance had been reduced to a skull wearing a cowboy hat, and his speech patterns had noticeably changed to closely resemble radio host Ghost, of True Capitalist Radio's mannerisms. Several hints to Wario's true identity had been dropped throughout the forum posts and minigames.


The minigames were the main attraction during the event, as well as the main vehicle for saving the hostages from their deaths. They are developed by Saltonara, who is a friend of Mit.

  • Day 1: A top-down shooter vs. Wario.
  • Day 2: An RPG battle against Wario.
  • Day 3: An autoscrolling platformer.
  • Day 4: A shooter that is controlled with the mouse.

A compilation title, appropriately titled "Nyerk Nyerk Nyerk!" was submitted to the mainsite in November 2015, after the event's conclusion. It features the original games as well as the inclusion of an easy mode for each game (referred as baby mode). It also keeps track of your wins, losses, and Wario Beam deaths.




  • The "Deceased" memberbar was provided by LuigiM9.


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