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Mors' ref in a Penguin Suit, sprited by Neweegee.
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Mors first joined MFGG on January 25, 2010. Later he joined the forums on December 4, 2012, and became a fairly active contributor. He is famous for his fangame, Super Mario Flashback.


Mors started to make games in 2007, when he was 9 years old. His first games were made with GameMaker's official platformer example. Two years later he discovered Hello's Open Source SMB1 Engine and started to make fangames with it. His first completed fangame was Super Mario Ztar, which was made with that engine and got negative reception.

Later, he discovered Hello Mario Engine and started to make a game with it. He tried using some ideas, but eventually decided to work on a fangame that started with a lava world. It eventually transformed into Super Mario Bros.: IDK, which is completely different from the original game. The first demo of it received negative reviews, which made him decide to make an improved version of the game with DragezeeY Engine VII. It eventually turned into Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos and managed to get positive reception. At the summer of 2014, Mors started to work on Super Mario Flashback, with Can of Nothing as the lead musician. Despite starting as a side project, it gained some popularity and got featured in several big YouTube channels. This ended up with Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos being put on hold.

Mors also joined several Minigame Competitions during the development of Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos, but he couldn't manage to be successful due to limited time and not knowing much about game design. He has also joined NCFC 2013, NCFC 2014, and NCFC 2015, but he had to skip NCFC 2016 due to having problems with logging into the site.

During MFGG Awards 2012, Super Shyguy's Revenge was nominated for Best Use of Site Resources, but it didn't win. During MFGG Awards 2013, Mors' fangames weren't even nominated. During MFGG Awards 2014, Mors was only nominated for Best User Name. However, Mario & Luigi's Coin Chaos was nominated for Best Demo, Best Level Design and Best Use of Site Resources; it won Best Level Design.

During the MFGG Awards 2015 Mors was nominated for Best Programmer, Most Positive Contributor, Jack-of-all-Trades, and Best Avatar; however, he only won Best Programmer and Jack-of-all-Trades. His fangame Super Mario Flashback was nominated for Best Game Overall, Best Demo, Best Sprites, Best Engine, Best Level Design, Most Polished, Most Anticipated, Best Concept, Best Setting and Best Use of Site Resources; though it only won Best Demo, Best Engine, Most Polished and Best Use of Site Resources.

Mors changed his name from UEU Fangaming to Mors around NCFC 2013.

On January 16 2016, Mors opened an unofficial Steam Group with Blutorus and Syaxamaphone.

His fangame Super Mario Flashback tied for Best Game Overall and Best Sprites during MFGG Awards 2016.


Mors created his first character during the Winter of 2014. His character, named Mors, after himself, is a Toad with a purple cap and the long teeth of a walrus. People often confuse him with a vampire toad, but it has also been confused with a tusked Toad wearing a Purplian. As a young Toad, Mors' parents abandoned him, as they disliked his abnormal tusks. After he had lived in the streets for a long time, he met a wealthy old man who took him in as a son. The old man was later assassinated, and Mors inherited his fortune, as well as the responsibility to avenge the old man. However, after learning that he inherited the fortune, he forgot about the revenge and began living a life of luxury.

His other character, Wors, was created as a Toad equivalent to Wario. He was conceptualized when Mors was joking about antagonistic doubles to fan characters. Wors appears identical to Mors, except that he has a yellow cap with purple spots, and his tusks are concealed within his mouth. He stole Mors' fortune, and the two became arch-nemeses.

In April 2016, Mors' character decided to be a furry and started to wear a penguin suit.


  • Mors is believed to be the only MFGGer from Turkey and is part of the small handful of Middle Eastern members.
  • Mors means "walrus" in Turkish.
  • During a Skype chat on July 29, 2014, Mors joked about changing his name to "asdfg131369", and VinnyVideo actually went into the Admin CP and changed it.
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