Late Night Mario

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Late Night Mario
Developer(s) Glukom
Announce Date Jul 27, 2010
Release Date Jul 28, 2010
Genre Adventure/Platformer
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png Late Night Mario was named Game of the Month in August 2010.

Late Night Mario, originally known as Late Night Topic, is a fangame for Windows, developed by Glukom for the first Joke Game Contest, which he won. A sequel, Late Night Mario 2 was announced, and was originally planned to be released in the middle of September 2010; However, it was postponed to October the same year; still in time for NCFC.


Late Night Mario is a 2D platformer/adventure game, in which the player takes up the role of Mario, and jumps/runs through two levels. Mario defeats the Kremits by jumping on them, but dies when they walk into him, not entirely unlike the Goombas in Super Mario Bros. The other enemy type, the Suns, are not possible to defeat, so the player has to dodge them instead.


Mario meets up with Yoshi who informs him that Bowser and his army of angry suns and red Kermits have taken over the Mushroom Kingdom at night. After a brief conversation, Mario sets out to stop Bowser.

Mario later meets with Luigi who notices how dark and scary it is. They both agree that they dislike it, and Luigi reminds Mario that he has to go stop Bowser, so Mario sets off once again.

After his long journey, Mario finally confronts Bowser, who, after a small bit of banter, promptly attacks, but his efforts prove futile, as Mario defeats him and he dies in a large explosion.

Mario again meets with Yoshi who informs him that Bowser has died and they're saved.


Late Night Mario received mostly praise from its reviewers; MoneyMan stated that "Late Night Mario is an Amunounovstremesome game that will change your life. It sure changed mine", and gave it a full 10/10 score. Sorario stated that it has "solid gameplay, story, art, and a memorable soundtrack", making it a "must play for anyone who calls themself a fan of videogames". He gave the game a 8/10. VinnyVideo called the level design mediocre, and said that the game was too short, but rounded up the review with "a couple of beers is all it takes for you to see all of this game's cleverness and none of its serious flaws", giving it a 7/10.

Late Night Mario did also receive a few reviews with lower scores. CrystalMike, the first person to give it a score below 7/10, said that the game has no good points at all. He ended the review by saying that Late Night Mario is a "terrible game, too badly drawn and the only thing that seemed Mario-like were the characters", and rated the game 2/10, the lowest score the game has received yet as of writing. After the publishing of CrystalMike's review, he was greeted by a horde of MFGGers disagreeing loudly about his review: DJ Yoshiman called the review a "nice troll review"; Char said that "this is a terrible review :(", stating that "someone has never heard of jokes before apparently".

In the game's comments section, people were talking about how good/bad they found the game. Mariofan128 originally said "This is the worst game Ive ever seen. I hate it. It's a terrible concept. MFGG's quality control is terrible if they have accepted this. DONT make more games", but his comment was changed to "This is the best game Ive ever seen. I love it. It's an astounding concept. MFGG's quality control is terribly awesome if they have accepted this. PLEASE make more games" by the staff.




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