SMB3 Final Boss DX

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GotMAward.png SMB3 Final Boss DX was named Game of the Month in December 2009.
SMB3 Final Boss DX
Developer(s) Mecha the Slag
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date December 2009
Genre Action
Players 1
Input Standard Keyboard
Medium Unknown
Platform Windows
Status Released

SMB3 Final Boss DX is a fangame by Mecha the Slag. It is a enhanced recreation of the final battle from Super Mario Bros. 3. It won Game of the Month for December 2009.


The physics are much tighter and faster than Super Mario Bros. 3's (so as to create a faster paced battle), but the fight itself is quite similar to the original's. Mario is moved with the left and right keys, and jumps with the shift key. The game does include variable jumping, however it is minimal. Bowser can shoot up to two fireballs at once (one in front of him, and one behind), which can be aimed at various heights.

After some time, Bowser will jump into the air, and will crash down on top of Mario four seconds later. If Mario dodges, and Bowser hits a brick, the brick will break. Ultimately, the goal is for Bowser to crash into a pit. In addition to Bowser's falling, spheres will occasionally fall down, and break any block they hit (even ones that Bowser cannot break). If Mario collides into either Bowser or his fireballs, Mario will die, and the fight is reset. Hitting F2 will reset the game.


Despite being no more than one boss fight in length, SMB3 Final Boss DX was extremely well received. It has a large variety of effects all happening at the same time, which lead to huge amounts of praise. Several players noticed their clash with the sprites themselves, but were able to overlook that. The gameplay was also enjoyed for being more polished than the original, partially due to its dramatic exaggeration of the gameplay. It was noted for being harder than the original, but many players were able to beat it. Players enjoyed that they could play the boss fight without going through the length of an entire game, but noted the disadvantages of not having any items. Overall, the least enjoyed element of the game was the lackluster ending.