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Aliases: smbmaster9, smb, EsEmBee, Dog w/ Hips
Interests: Making games, sprite editing, Pokemon, games, etc.
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Smbmaster99 joined MFGG back around July 2007. Smbmaster99 is a fairly decent member who recently finished working on his fourth serious game, Super Mario Bros: Odyssey (Chapter 1). He has recently begun work on his next project, which is a currently untitled Lucario fangame.

Discovering MFGG

Smbmaster99 during the time he joined was a big fan of sprite comics. He would spend lots of time searching for them so that he could make some comics himself. When he found MFGG and all its sprites, backgrounds, etc., he quickly signed up. MFGG was the first place Smbmaster99 ever created an account for, so his knowledge of behavior online was very limited. The only place he had ever seen people communicate online was on YouTube. Though he did not yet have an account there, he picked up some really poor online communication skills nevertheless.

New life on MFGG

After making sprite comics started to grow dull for Smbmaster99, he began playing the many games hosted on the main site. Smbmaster99 was heavily impressed with all of them, particularly Hello's many games. Smbmaster99 would play just about any game on the site, and even got into unnecessary arguments over a game being good even though they were not with other more experienced members. Smbmaster99 would comment on many submissions to the main site, many being simple thumbs up-type comments, or unhelpful criticisms on not-so-well-drawn sprites.

Smbmaster99's first game

While exploring the main site, he discovered Hello's SMB1 engine. After this, he purchased Game Maker 7 to begin making what he believed to be "one of the best first fangames evar". After learning some very basic GML coding, he started building his first game, Super (Difficult) Mario Bros This game was met with criticism for its ludicrous difficulty level, but reviewers offered help to the novice game designer. Being the newbie to game-making that he was, Smbmaster99's reactions to the criticisms were mixed. He also responded using very poor spelling.

Other games/ Tutorials/ How-tos

After SDMB, Smbmaster99 stumbled across the engine used in Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, and learned more advanced coding much quicker. He began making small "joke" games for laughs and some tutorials/how-tos for new Game Maker users. Here are his "joke" games, tuts/how-tos, and other games he has worked on:

  • Mario Has Gas - A "joke" game, if a game is what it can be called. It's really nothing but a cheap engine edit of Hello's Super Mario Bros. engine with really high room speed, gastrointestinal sounds, green cloud of smoke when Mario jumps, and a long death sequence.
  • Luigi has Diarrhea - A sequel to his "game" Mario Has Gas. It's quality is improved from its predecessor, and includes a few more things that the prior does not.
  • SMW Football Chucks - A tutorial/example of how to make football-kicking chucks from Super Mario World. This was Smbmaster99's first example.
  • NO Body the Dragon - Smbmaster99's second game. It used NO Body's own original characters. It is not available online or anywhere at all anymore. It was created after Smbmaster99 misinterpreted something NO Body had said about his characters. After a very short period of receiving PMs from NO Body and other people, Smbmaster99 removed it from online and even made multiple apology topics in various places. The issue was eventually resolved and NO Body and smbmaster99 are on good terms with each other.
  • Super Morshu Land - A canned joke game by Smbmaster99 that was never released in any form. It was to be a tribute to Youtube Poop.
  • Flame The Dragon - Smbmaster99's previous, and eventually, future project. It is centered around smbmaster99's original character Flame Sanders and his best friend Crystal Vyrra. Flame the Dragon is currently on hiatus while smbmaster99 puts time into other projects he's been wanting to work on. He has huge plans for the game he says, and plans to pick it up again someday. The game originally featured several ideas (story elements and other things) that were Zelda-inspired, but Smbmaster is rewriting the story to make it more original, and plans for the game to be more of a mixture of RPG and hack n' slash. He also plans for the game to have a new title.
  • Super Mario Bros: Odyssey - Smbmaster99's most recent project. Initially, it was to be massive fangame with multiple "games" or "adventures" a la Super Mario All-Stars, which included retellings of Super Mario Bros 1-3, the SML games, and even include the Wario Bros. After realizing how ambitious the idea was, smbmaster99 restructured it into a series of chapters rather than one large fangame, and successfully finished the first chapter which was very well received, and even won a "Fangame of the Month" award. It is currently on hiatus and Smbmaster has new plans for it. Rather than continue it as a series of chapters, it will be a single larger fangame with one plot and a new subtitle, with references to what would have been previous entries. The game will feature a total of six playable characters: Mario, Luigi, Toad, Wario, Waluigi, and Peach. Mario and Luigi will be playable the most, and the other four will come into play at various points in the story. The first chapter can be downloaded here.
  • SUPPER MAOIR BOSR - A joke game smbmaster99 made for April Fool's Day 2013. Since Smbmaster99 tries to make sure his posts usually contain perfect spelling and grammar and tries to ensure his works are of very good quality, he figured he'd do something that went against all of those. It features horrible grammar, graphics (a mixture of SMB3 and rips from the live action sequences of The Super Mario Bros Super Show), and a magnificently cheesy story about Mario (Lou Albano) and Luigi (Danny Wells) discovering Koopa stealing their coins for their dinner, and going to kill him. The music tracks used are: The menu theme from Skyrim, "Do The Mario!" from SMBSS, the "Legion's Finest" boss theme from Mushroom Kingdom Fusion, and a terribly wonderful guitar cover of the Super Mario Bros. main theme.
  • Untitled Lucario Fangame - A WIP that's still in it's relatively early stages as of 4/8/2017. Without spoiling too much, it is planned as a rather large Pokemon RPG fangame that focuses on a Riolu/Lucario, rather than a human trainer. The game's story follows this Pokemon and his Pokemon friends in his quest to find the humans responsible for his beloved Master's murder and bring them to justice. This is the first fangame Smbmaster99 has fully written out the game's plot from beginning to end, as well as several gameplay aspects, in an attempt to make development smoother. Smbmaster99 already has two candidates for the game's title, but he's still unsure which one to use. Smbmaster99 is drawing inspiration from the Mario & Luigi RPG games, Pokemon of course, and Xenoblade Chronicles.

Smbmaster99 Today/Outside MFGG

Smbmaster99 is a much more laid-back member now. He can be kind of random sometimes, but he's always trying to do his best to be respectful and tries to help other people when they have questions about game maker, and can be very strict when reviewing games (mostly poorly made ones that use Hello's Engines). Outside MFGG, Smbmaster99 has accounts on many other forums, such as Fusion Gameworks, where he has become known as a notable contributor for SMFR and MKF. He also has a Youtube account. He has a Deviant Art account, but doesn't upload to it very much unless he's making good progress on a game.

Smbmaster99's main characters

  • Flame Sanders - Smbmaster99's main character. He's a bright orange, anthropomorphic dragon with bright green eyes, slightly large ears, and a scar beneath each of his eyes. His sprite/appearance is an edited version of NO Body the Dragon's character (with his permission), with a more round snout and a taller form. He's timid as a child, but has a strong sense of justice, and enjoys the idea of adventure. He is a Fengoriyan by nationality, which in smbmaster99's fictional world is a dragon/dragoness from the continent of Fen-Gor. Fengoriyans are known to practice black magic, for which their cousins look down on them. All dragons of this race have markings or "scars" that magically appear on their skin at varying times during childhood, usually on the face, arms, hands, or abdomen. He is also a Cambion, a very rare species of creature born to a demon and a dragon(ess). Due to this, Flame wields tremendous amounts of both physical and otherworldly power. He's also a master of black magic, and is one of the few to not become corrupted as a result.
  • Crystal Vyrra - A dragoness, who is Flame's best friend since childhood. Her hair is bright yellow, her skin is sky blue, and she's slightly taller than Flame. She was born as a handicapped dragoness without wings. Despite this, she doesn't let it hinder her from enjoying "adventures" she goes on with her friends in the forests. She is a Minerian, which is the dominant race on the earth.

Smbmaster99's other characters

Smbmaster99 also has 6 Pokemon characters who will star as the protagonists in his Lucario fangame:

  • Riky - A loyal and caring, though somewhat assertive and rash male Riolu/Lucario
  • Fiona - A compassionate and kind but headstrong and sometimes self-doubting female Fennekin/Braixen
  • Sparx - A feisty and over-confident but fun-loving male Pikachu
  • Virgil - A calculating and somewhat tsundre male Greninja
  • Kris - A distant though friendly and caring male Zoroark
  • Veran - A shy but powerful and protective female Gardevoir

Some Random Facts

  • Smbmaster99 used to be a Brony; He's sort of grown out of Bronydom, partly due to a loss of interest in the show, however he still enjoys the fan art.
  • He doesn't like profanity and sees it as a poor excuse for venting or filling in the blanks, as it were.
  • He loves youtube poop, and even makes his own. He is currently on hiatus from making them so he can focus on his games and other things, though he still watches them from time to time
  • Smbmaster99 holds many strong conservative views on many political issues
  • Despite his rather high levels of randomness, sometimes to the point of being thought drunk or high, Smbmaster99 has never touched a single drug of any type (other than prescribed drugs) in his life.
  • He has recently gotten back into Pokemon after nearly 15 years, and is a huge Lucario fan. He's also extremely fond of Braixen.
  • Smbmaster99 is a competitive player in Super Smash Bros for Wii U. He solo mains Lucario and performs very well both locally and out of his state, having taken games and even sets off some of his region's strongest players