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Developer(s) Blutorus
Announce Date January 29, 2016
Release Date February 12, 2016
Genre Arcade, Platformer
Players Up to 2, turn-based
Input Standard keyboard
Medium GameMaker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png Annalynn was named Game of the Month in March 2016.

Annalynn is a game by Blutorus, and is the winning entry of the Super Competition #1 - 2016. The game is made to imitate the vibe of the arcade games from the early 80s. It won the Game of the Month award of March 2016.


The game stars Annalynn, who is a pony-tailed free-time spelunker that likes to explore and have fun. She was spelunking in a familiar cave, and found a hidden crevasse that she has never seen before. Unable to resist the possibility of adventure, Annalynn crawled through the crevasse and then found herself in a land that contains some riches, along with the Venom Brood, which is a family of dangerous snakes. She must now defend herself from the snakes by using blinding rubies, a once-lost type of magic gems, while she tries to collect a lot of loot along the way.


Annalynn plays a lot like a platformer version of the game, Pac-Man. The player controls Annalynn, who can run and jump, like most platformer games. The goal is to collect all of the dots in a room (which, if this happens and the rubies are collected too, the game will restart the room), while avoiding four snakes that are running around the room. The snakes spawn from above, and they can slither across floors that are on the background and enter background tunnels, which can take them to another background tunnel.

The player has a set amount of lives, which can be lost on contact with a snake. Losing all of their lives will result in the end of the game. Though, if the player manages to snatch a Blinding Ruby, the snakes will temporarily enter a state where if they touch Annalynn, they will disappear and the player will earn points. From time to time, food can spawn in a certain spot. If the player managed to grab the food before it disappears, then points will be earned.

Like most of the arcade games from the early 80s, the player can set the game to have either one player or two players. When it's set to two players, the players take turns and hold their individual score.

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