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Aliases: Meh-o-matic, Windows XD
Real name: Geoff
Interests: Cheese
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Among the first members to join the MFGG Message Boards, Supertoad was most known for his extreme obsession with cheese, and his tendency to make fun of Microsoft Windows for no reason. Supertoad2k is the creator of the popular fangame Yoshi vs. Windows. He was rumored to be the brother of Press Start, and a friend of Thunder Dragon. Eventually he vanished without a trace, and apparently no one has heard from him since 2005.

Supertoad Strikes Back

However though, at the beginning of 2013, Supertoad2k returned to MFGG and released Mushroom Pancakes, which has been cited by many as one of the best games ever to appear on MFGG, as well as Wario vs. Windows, a sequel to Yoshi vs. Windows. Supertoad2k hasn't been active since then, but his return made a many of MFGGers very happy.