Toad and the Ancient Keys

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Toad and the Ancient Keys
Developer(s) Dustinvgmaster
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date February 21, 2016
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Keyboard
Medium Game Maker: Studio
Platform Windows
Status Completed
GotMAward.png Toad and the Ancient Keys was named Game of the Month in February 2016.

Toad and the Ancient Keys is a fangame made by Dustinvgmaster. It is a Metroidvania that stars an unnamed Toad that is exploring around a temple, looking for three keys that are used to open a few doors that are guarding an ancient treasure. It was originally submitted for the Super Competition #1 -2016, and it managed to place second. The theme that plays when Toad loses all of his health is made by Vitiman. On April 19, 2016, Toad and the Ancient Keys was updated to version 1.1, which includes a few enhancements, including a save feature, tweaked level design, and configurable controls.

A sequel to Toad and the Ancient Keys, which is called Super Ancient Keys, is currently being developed.


The player is control of a Toad, who is able to run and jump, as with most platformer games. The player must search around the temple for three ancient keys, which are required to open three doors. Once the player does this, they'll find an ancient treasure, which will end the game once it is collected. The Toad has three health points, each one of which can be lost once the Toad has touched any danger in the temple. Some areas contain a pillar top, which serves as a checkpoint once the Toad has landed on one of these. The Toad will restart at the last checkpoint he has reached once he loses all of his three health points. A few items can be found in the temple, which can give the Toad a certain ability once they are collected, which are required if the players wants to find all three keys.


Toad and the Ancient Keys received positive reviews in the main site. They all praised the music and map design, although some of them find the graphics to be a bit lacking. It managed to win the Game of the Month award of February 2016. The game won Best Minigame in MFGG Awards 2016.

Toad and the Ancient Keys currently holds an average score of 7.5 in the main site.



Download Toad and the Ancient Keys from MFGG's main site

File Size: 5.61 MB

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