Super Mario and the Sacred Bells

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Super Mario and the Sacred Bells
Developer(s) Firestyle
Announce Date unknown
Release Date Jan 4, 2010
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Completed

Super Mario and the Sacred Bells is a fangame created by Firestyle. In this game, Mario, Luigi and Peach must travel the Mushroom Kingdom to ring mystical bells that will get rid of Bowser.


Bowser attacks the Mushroom Kingdom, this time he has so much more power. This enraged Princess Peach, and she thinks that Mario wouldn't be able to take down Bowser this time. However, Toadsworth has a suggestion for them. There is seven sacred bells in each world, and it's believed that once they are rung, Bowser's dark magic will be lost. Mario, Luigi, and Princess Peach decide to search and then ring the bells. But if they want to ring the bells, they'll have to get past Bowser's kids, which are trying to conquer a part of the Mushroom Kingdom.

Spoilers! Plot/ending information may follow (highlight to read):
Once all the bells are rung, a crystal palace rises from the ground. Mario and his friends decided to investigate the palace, as they saw Bowser's airship flying to the palace. They encountered Bowser inside the palace, and after defeating him, Toadsworth shows up. It is revealed that the Toadsworth that gave them a suggestion, is actually Dimentio. Dimentio explains to them that he is trying to look for a big green crystal, which is only in the crystal palace. However, he cannot ring the bells as he is made of dark magic, so he disguises himself as Toadsworth and tricks them to ringing the bells. Dimentio uses the power of the big green crystal, and turns into a giant monster. Mario and his friends defeats the oversized being, and then the crystal palace shatters into shards. Mario and his friends celebrate afterwards.


The player can play as either Mario, Luigi, or Princess Peach. They can all run and jump, as with most platformer games. They have four points of health, and they'll lose one if they touch an enemy. Losing all points of health results in the player losing a life, and losing all of them results a game over. The player can collect coins, which grants a life when the coin count reaches a hundred. Most levels have eight red coins, which they do nothing but grant three extra lives when all eight of them are collected. Powerups can be used to assist the player, as they give powers to their character.


Super Mario and the Sacred Bells received positive reviews from MFGGer's. It was praised for having three playable characters and including underused power-ups, but is criticized for it's bosses being a bit difficult. It is featured in the 30 Games on MFGG Worth Playing.


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