Super Mario Gravity

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GotMAward.png Super Mario Gravity was named Game of the Month in December 2012.
Super Mario Gravity
Sans titre 11355394452.png
Developer(s) OmegaBowser
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date December 2012
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard Keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Incomplete

Super Mario Gravity is a fangame by OmegaBowser. It has won Game of the Month for December 2012. It begins when Peach becomes ill, so Mario must find the way to cure her. There is currently one demo, which has two bosses.


Mario can perform all of his normal moves, such as jumping and crouching, and a few others, such as a wall jump. The main gimmick in this game is the ability to switch gravity by the press of the 'SPACE' button. This is gained after the first level.

Unlike typical Mario games, Mario has three health mushrooms, which can be lost by getting hit by enemies. These health wedges can be restored by getting a Shroom Shake.

Each level also hides three special coins. The coins have a different symbol on them depending on their number.


The game's only review gives it an excellent score of 9/10. It is praised for its great gameplay, controls, and level design, but panned for its heavy amount of clashing graphics.