Bingo the Multiva

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Bingo the Multiva
Bingo Multiva.png
Developer(s) Plom510
Announce Date July 26, 2016
Release Date TBA
Genre Platformer
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows, Android (coming soon)
Status In progress
GotMAward.png Bingo the Multiva was named Game of the Month in June 2016.
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Bingo the Multiva is an indie game that is currently developed by mainly Plom510. It is inspired by many different games, including Sonic the Hedgehog and Mario. The latest demo released on MFGG includes three levels, one boss, and two playable characters. Plom510 stated that the game would be one day ported to Android. Bingo the Multiva won the Game of the Month award of June 2016.


A young Multiva, named Bingo, went out on a journey to stop Darth and his troops from invading Bingo's homeland, along with his best friend, Salamon.

Playable Characters

  • Bingo - The star of the game. He can able to perform a Kick Flip or a Spin Attack in order to take care of enemies in the air. He can also roll into enemies that are on the ground, or bounce on them if he's above them. Bingo can be able to Dash.
  • Salamon - He can use his Flutter Jump to spend more time in the air, and can use his Tornado Spin to attack enemies on his path. By charging up a Super Jump, Salamon can be able to reach high places.


  • Verdant Valley
    • Stage 1: The Journey Begins
    • Stage 2: Sunset Valley
  • Rustic Ruins
    • Stage 1: Walk in the Forest
  • Charcoal Caverns
    • Boss 2: Vs. Manager

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