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Retriever II

A Drawing of Retriever II by FuPoo.
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Aliases: Ree, RII
Interests: Scyther
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Retriever II is an MFGGer and former webmaster.


An individual who bears the weight of maintaining the site and forums' functionality; when he had full administrative powers, he rarely used them outside of what is needed to maintain the site and forums. Because of this, he was added to the special "Server Admin" group, and resigned from his administrative position on November 13th, 2007, although he still maintains Taloncrossing. He is responsible for many of the forum modifications, such as the badge system, custom word filter, and numerous security additions, among others. Being the caretaker of the forums, he is usually (jokingly) blamed when there are problems. He coded The Green Button in response, which allows the users to fix certain problems should the boards go offline. Retriever II also coded TCSMS, the software that powers the MFGG main site and some other fangaming sites. On November 8, 2010, Retriever II resigned from his Webmaster position, with Char being his replacement. Retriever II thus became a regular member but continues to host MFGG.

April Fools

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On April Fool's Day, Retriever II would perform pranks on ShadowMan in order to make it appear as if ShadowMan caused damage to the forum. In fact, RII's counter-pranks were one of the high points of April Fool's, as many would be entertained by the problems ShadowMan had when trying to revert the boards.


Retriever II has made numerous contributions on the forums, main site, and the general fan-gaming community. He completely ripped the textures from Paper Mario and Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year-Door, distributing them to the public as compiled sheets.

Retriever I

Though RII has mentioned that the "II" in his username has no meaning, many people generally interpret it as either "2" or "the second". As he was never known as Retriever I, an old forum joke highlighted the "missing" member:

"Nobody knows what happened to this poor soul and it's often discussed by members of the forums. Was he killed by Retriever II? Was he lost at sea? The world may never know.

In 2008, Black Squirrel discovered the tragic details of the death of Retriever I. The story documenting is lost while migrating servers.


Retriever II is sometimes the subject of Pointless Post Palace topics, the most famous of which is the vaulted RII GOES ON A RAMPAGE. These topics are usually started by Klobber or FuPoo, and more often than not, involve spiders. He currently has one completed fangame, Kuribo Catch, and another which he and Klobber are currently working on called Pocket Mario. He has released parts of each game as open source (the online highscore system from Kuribo Catch, and Mario's movement engine from Pocket Mario).