Mario Learns About Colors: Recolored

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Mario Learns About Colors: Recolored
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Developer(s) Elyk
Announce Date Unknown
Release Date November 2012
Genre Puzzle
Players 1
Input Standard Keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png Mario Learns About Colors: Recolored was named Game of the Month in November 2012.

Mario Learns About Colors: Recolored is a puzzle fangame by Elyk. In order to pass through colored blocks and enemies, Mario can change his color by either hitting a colored "!" block, or running into a colored waterfall. It is a remake of Mario Learns About Colors released in August 2008.


The player controls Mario, as he tries to get into the silver pipe. Mario can change the color of his appearance by either hitting a colored "!" block or running into a colored waterfall, which can be used to get through obstacles that are his color. Mario can mix two different "!" blocks to create a new color (for example, hitting both a red "!" block and a yellow "!" block will make Mario orange). Hitting a white "!" block or running into a white waterfall will make Mario become white.


There is a total of 30 levels, and each 10 of them has a different theme. The first 10 takes place in a grassland, the next 10 are set in a cave, and the final 10 are placed in a castle.

  • Paintblock Introduction
  • Colors Mix
  • What Comes First?
  • Careful Planning
  • Colored Block Hill
  • Night Spiral
  • Hanging Shelves
  • Many Ladders
  • Divided Latticework
  • Red Lakitu Rush
  • Descent and Paint Pipes
  • Red Goomba Flow
  • Paint Pipe Switches
  • Cavern Steps
  • Double Cross
  • Switch Chasm
  • Goomba Canvas
  • Paint Pipe Patience
  • Ascent and Paint Plants
  • Pokey Pummel
  • Bullet Bills in the Castle
  • Goomba Shooter
  • Bullet Bill Bounce
  • POW Block Introduction
  • Mind the Gaps
  • POW Block Lattice
  • Spring Hop
  • Bullet Bill Race
  • Blocked Springs
  • Bullet Bill King


As the game earned the Game of the Month award of November 2012, it received positive reviews. They praised the unique gimmick and it's puzzles, but criticized the fact that the music can get a bit repetitive.



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