Paper Bowser World 3

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GotMAward.png Paper Bowser World 3 was named Game of the Month in August 2011.
Paper Bowser World 3
Developer(s) Toodles
Announce Date June 16, 2008
Release Date August 11, 2011
Genre Platform
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released

Paper Bowser World 3 (earlier known as Paper Bowser World: Back in Action) is a Mario fangame created by Toodles Team and is the third and final game in the Paper Bowser World series. On June 16, 2008, Toodles suddenly came back with an engine test to show off, after a mention of Operation G.R.O.M. on Gameradar, on its "The world's best counterfeit games" list, after seeing "We like. We like a lot. More please, Toodles Team." The game was later placed on hiatus for three years, and after being completely restructured, was at last released on August 11, 2011, the fifth year anniversary of the release of the original Paper Bowser World.


Bowser returns in a new adventure! Tired of trying to be a hero in his past adventures, Bowser sets off to kidnap Princess Peach and restore his villainous reputation. But when he meets the mysterious and annoying MC Ballyhoo it quickly becomes clear that Bowser won't be having the leisurely day of Princess-snatching he was hoping for!


Paper Bowser World 3 is highly reminiscent of the original game, returning to the same style of destruction-oriented gameplay and Super Mario Bros-inspired parody levels. The game follows the same level themes as the first game and in the same order. Bowser once again collects meat to grow in size and, unlike the first game, all four of his sizes from the original Thousand Year Door are intact. Though very similar to the first game, PBW3 introduces many new elements, including Spinies, Thwomps, Piranha Plants, and burnable scenery.

In addition, there are several Clown Car flying levels, similar to the Sky Pop level of Super Mario Land. In these levels, Bowser automatically flies in the Clown Car as players shoot fire to destroy obstacles and fly around others.


Much like the previous games in the series, Paper Bowser World 3 was met with sharply mixed responses. This was amplified by the fact that the game is nearly a pseudo-remake of the first game. While a majority of players enjoyed the throwback style, a number of players took issue with the removal of many of the changes from Operation G.R.O.M. and the lack of significant additions to the game. Other reviewers also disliked the complete lack of boss battles, and found the game too short. Even so, reactions were generally positive and the game holds a rating of 6.8/10 on the MFGG main site.


  • Just like the other two games, PBW3 features mock box artwork on the loading screen, fittingly spoofing the Super Mario Bros. 3 box art.
  • The Minus World returns as well, this time being unlocked via collecting coins throughout the game.
  • PBW3 features many references to the Mario Party series. In addition to MC Ballyhoo and Big Top appearing outright, several characters directly quote lines from Mario Party 8 and Mario Party DS.
  • Before settling on the title "Paper Bowser World 3," the game was briefly known as "Paper Bowser World Redux" due to its strong similarities to the first game in the series.
  • During the 2011 MFGG Awards, Paper Bowser World 3 was nominated for the awards for Best Sprites and Most Anticipated fangame.

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