Goomba vs. Subcon

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Goomba vs. Subcon
Scr goombavssubcon1212264901.png
Developer(s) Guinea
Announce Date
Release Date 31st May 2008
Genre Action
Players 1
Input Standard keyboard
Medium Game Maker
Platform Windows
Status Released
GotMAward.png Goomba vs. Subcon was named Game of the Month in February 2009.

Goomba vs. Subcon was created for a Minigame Competition in the Forums. The topic was "Goomba as the protagonist", and Goomba vs. Subcon won the first place. The plot of the game is simple: You are a one man army Goomba, you go to Subcon, you kill Wart. There is only room for one villain in the Mario universe!

From the description on the main site:

"In this game, originally made for a Minigame Competition at MFGG, but remastered for the Main Site, you control your average goomba.

Oh wait, it is not THAT average, because your goomba is actually a trained one-man-army and has a mission: Go to Subcon, Kill Wart.

On your way you will go through four different levels based on SMB2 and have to defeat a boss at the end of each. After the final mission, you will encounter your target Wart.

Getting a high-score is the main objective, as you basically can't lose the game. When you die your score is just reduced.

Warning for "Mario-and-blood-don't-go-well-together" people: Blood is ON by default, but you can switch it OFF."


The game has been rated a solid 9/10 on the main site, which makes it one of the top rated action games to date. The game's most notable flaw is probably the unbalanced-ness of the bosses, depending on your equipment. If you have a machine gun, a boss is easy to defeat, but without it you may need to extinguish your burning index finger after playing.



Download Goomba vs. Subcon from MFGG's main site

File Size: 1.57 MB